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Strength, Honor, Loyalty

Helden Hall is located off North Ring Road in Wehnimer's Landing and is a member of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia. Helden Hall opened their gates on day 15 of the month Fashanos in the year 5097 (February 15, 1997).


Helden Hall is not about warriors, it is about warrior spirit. It's an important distinction, and borne out by our membership roster. While we do count many influential warriors past and present amongst our numbers, we also have Rangers, Sorcerers, Empaths, Mages and Bards. No one is turned away from Apprenticeship based on their profession path. Those in Helden are united by their spirit ~ unflagging and honorable, steadfast and strong.

Honor, Strength and Loyalty is our motto and our raison d'etre. Though expressing these things differently, all members strive to make the motto a part of their daily life. Our internalization of this concept helps us contribute to the Lands in a positive manner through our actions.

~Hyoko Fujimoro


In a small hamlet outside the city of Bergen lived two young Viking lovers named Ingrid and Bjorne. Their only cares in the world were their long ships and accompanying their clansmen on raids along the coast.

On one fateful trip, they met with a sudden squall that left their beloved long ship limping upon the raging sea. While working quickly to restore it for the journey home, a menacing ship of Krolvin slave merchants stumbled upon their foundering vessel. The battle was bloody and fierce, and all but the lovers were lost at sea, their beloved long ship left to sink to the murky depths.

They were immediately taken into captivity, and the Krolvin began to celebrate their victory. During the long sea voyage aboard the Krolvin slave ship, the lovers planned their escape. They waited until the revelry reached a fevered pitch and silently broke free of their bonds. Creeping across the deck, they hid until they saw all of the Krolvin were hopelessly drunk. Another bloody battle ensued, and this time the lovers were victorious. When they took over the ship, the found that not only was it in desperate need of repair, they were much closer to a strange and unknown town called Wehnimer's Landing. They decided that this place would have to do since they had no idea of the route the Krolvin took, and the ship was not long for the bottom of the sea.

Landing in this town was an experience. There were many who looked like them, tall as the trees and as strong as the mountains, but the way of life was very different from what they were used to. Raids were seldom done by large groups, and even then, only on beasts that lived nearby. They were looked down upon when they mentioned sacking the neighbors of their homeland. So, trying to fit in better, they found the location of a Krolvin encampment and began almost nightly raids on the ones who brought them to this strange new land.

They found they enjoyed their time in Wehnimer's Landing and after much debate decided that Vikings could settle down. Wanting to put down sturdy roots, they created a home for themselves and all warriors alike. A home that stands for something...a home for those who respect and follow the path of Honor...for those who understand Loyalty...and for those with Strength of mind and body. With the help of Lady Passion and Lord Metaboculous, the foundation was laid for Helden Hall. After almost two years of construction, Helden Hall opened their gates on day 15 of the month Fashanos in the year 5097 (February 15, 1997).

House Officers

Position Name
Commander Roblar
Seneschal Strathe
Hall Historian Treap
Brewmaster Bremerial
Vault Master Drektor
Quartermaster Tsarok
Marshal Meureii
Hall Envoy Sasathi
Castellan Althaz

As of: July 2017.

Hall Founders

  • Lady Ingrid
  • Lady Passion
  • Lord Bjorne
  • Lord Dorn
  • Lord Jehannum
  • Lord Silicon
  • Lord Sean2
  • Lady Kythyn


Some of our members, past and present, include:

  • Aeryi
  • Alahara
  • Alcan
  • Althaz
  • Analaysa
  • Annihilis
  • Aquadon
  • Bazill
  • Bejita
  • Berost
  • Bjorne
  • Bladegirt
  • Blastchasm
  • Bluejayy
  • Borren
  • Bowstar
  • Braxxon
  • Bremerial
  • Brutish
  • Caldroan
  • Calvix
  • Canardly
  • Cido
  • Dajomaa
  • Dakaron
  • Davean
  • Demianna
  • Densho
  • Develdeg
  • Dhyrann
  • Dorn
  • Dracoblood
  • Draegar
  • Dragonshield
  • Drektor
  • Dumple
  • Duwende
  • Eaghman
  • Elodar
  • Elzryth
  • Evician
  • Farnen
  • Felsen
  • Flipsky
  • Fraggar
  • Fuzzgore
  • Galenok
  • Galieith
  • Gandorifin
  • Gentledove
  • Gliff
  • Gimleht
  • Goddi
  • Kalaes
  • Kasdonath
  • Keithicus
  • Kempur
  • Khardrus
  • Kilinan
  • Kipara
  • Kjellborn
  • Knileward
  • Korgull
  • Kradicus
  • Kupaka
  • Kythyn
  • Lanlan
  • Lexbubba
  • Liliea
  • Lirit
  • Lissanne
  • Lovelee
  • Madmountan
  • Magdalane
  • Malok
  • Merow
  • Metaboculous
  • Metadi
  • Meureii
  • Milara
  • Trishabelle
  • Tsarok
  • Tyr
  • Ulkov
  • Uriahn
  • Uskeye
  • Vadonn
  • Vassim
  • Vermilion
  • Vitaen
  • Vohndolarr
  • Wanthor
  • Welan
  • Witeknite
  • Wolfborn
  • Xaxxon
  • Xulkir
  • Xullra
  • Yarx
  • Ylarra
  • Yober
  • Zandie
  • Zantaine
  • Zuggy

How to Join

Helden Hall is open to all professions and races.

Membership Requirements

  • must be level 5
  • must not belong to any other House
  • must pay an Initiation Fee: bring 25,000 coins

Scheduled tours and inductions are held on the third Sunday of each month, starting at 6:30 PM EST.

Consult the GS4 Event Calendar

Town Annexes

Town Location Directions Lich Room
Mist Harbor Hale Hall From Gardenia Commons: s, w #15005
Icemule Trace Silvermule Gaming Hall, Rowanberry Room From Town Commons: s, s, s, w #3434, go gooseberry arch
Teras Isle Adventurers Rest From Dragonspine and Kodera: w #1938, go agate archway
River's Rest Timor's Storage From Town Commons: go path, s, e, ne, go double doors #15416
Solhaven Whitewashed Warehouse From North Market: w, sw, sw #14121, go pine door
Zul Logoth Rockslinger's, Annex Corridor From Crystalline Cavern: e, e, se, e, s #9499, go helden arch
Ta'Illistim The Lost Home From Fraendel Court: sw #13271, go arch
Ta'Vaalor Dancing Dahcre w, w, w, n, w, n, n, n #10410, go wavy limestone arch

Lich Room will take you directly into the locker where available.

Helden Hall Lore