IMBED (verb)

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The IMBED verb is used to imbed spells into magical items that are imbeddable in nature using spells such as Magic Item Create (420).


  • imbed <spell> in <item> using <activator> for <number> charges
    • The imbedded spell must be a spell that the imbedding caster knows, though the rare enhancive item that grants knowledge of the spell is sufficient for this.
    • The item must have been prepared with Magic Item Create (420).
    • The activator may be raise, rub, tap, or wave. The advantages of each activator is listed in the Magic Item Use article.
    • The number of charges may be as many charges as one could cast the spell using the mana points one has available.

For example, if a character wanted to imbed haste in a rod using the raise activator (which increases the duration of the spell by 50%), after casting imbed on the rod, they would enter the command "imbed 506 in rod using raise for 13 charges" to imbed the spell.