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General Info:

Adam is the player of Alerr, Tepkin, and a few others.
AIM: Adam0690

Game Interests:

To Do List

  • Armor Base Weight Modifiers for all Metals

Completed List

ShieldBash Info

Is there any possibility you, Elnath, could elaborate on all the variables involved in Sbash?


Sbash ranks. Endroll. Shield size. A random roll for damage level, heavily modified by the aforementioned factors. Basher vs. Target size.

Stun duration, knockdowns, and forced stance change are calced independently based on the damage level of the hit.

Spirit Guide (130) Info

Having a high CON bonus reduces the nausea effect. - GM Estild.

"Charges" Info

1-9 charges: you get the exact amount
Few: 10-19 charges
Several: 20-29 charges
Many: 30-40 charges

Singing Sword Info

Singing Sword AS: (Songs-25)/2 + Weapon Skill + (CM ranks)/2 + (ML:M ranks)/2 + (INF bonus + AUR bonus)/2 + 25

NOTE: Singing Sword AS if -15 vs. Undead, similar to the max of +10 for Sonic Weapon vs. Undead

Weapon Bonding

Rank 0 The connection is largely untested. Rank 1 The connection is still fresh and new. Rank 2 You feel that your connection is strong. Rank 3 It is a tried and true friend. Rank 4 It is almost an extension of your own body. Rank 5 There is no doubt of the pure spiritual connection you share with it.