Ilyra's Fashions

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Ilyra's Fashions was located in Solhaven and sold a fine assortment of jewelry and clothing. It was replaced by Caelyna's Boutique.


Main Room

Name Price
1. a delicate ivory wedding band
2. a silvered coral wedding band
3. a gold and abalone wedding band
4. a silver inlaid nautilus shell band
5. an abalone and diamond wedding ring
6. a coral and silver wedding ring
7. a pair of nautilus shell earrings
8. a pair of sea anemone earrings
9. a petrified seahorse earring
10. a carved ivory fishspine brooch
11. a rose-shaped coral pin
12. an iridescent nautilus shell pin
13. a circcur mother-of-pearl pendant
14. a pearl-inlaid sand silver pendant
15. a blue-green scallop shell cloakpin
16. a polished anemone cloakpin

Northern Room

Name Price
1. a pair of soft grey leather boots
2. a pair of red leather boots
3. a pair of faded trollskin boots
4. a pair of white leather boots
5. a pair of brown suede halfboots
6. a pair of polished black halfboots
7. a midnight blue silk cloak
8. a shell-clasped white silk cloak
9. a dark brown oilcloth cloak
10. a long red velvet cloak
11. a pair of multicolored leggings
12. a pair of soft spidersilk leggings
13. a pair of brown suede gloves
14. a bright red muffin cap
15. a particolored jester's hat
16. a jaunty black cavalier's hat