Instant mind clearer

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An instant mind clearer instantly moves 1000 current field experience into a character's absorbed experience total. If the character cannot hold 1000 unabsorbed experience, or if the character does not have 1000 experience to absorb, the character will absorb the maximum available. The instant mind clearer does not apply any roleplaying award, Gift of Lumnis, or other modifier to this amount.

Instant mind clearers are granted on the 10th (1 for paying subscribers) and 20th days (3 for paying subscribers, 1 for F2P) of Login Rewards.

On the 10th day, F2P characters instead receive a lesser experience pass that lasts for 60 minutes.

Tips and Tricks

This reward is relevant for those who hunt while saturated. If the character is saturated and the next bounty is done (and perhaps the 15 minutes between bounties is up or almost up), absorb the 1000 experience, hunt until fried again, and turn the bounty in to get re-saturated.

It is similarly useful for lengthy field assignments, such as culling tasks in the Adventurer's Guild, when using a Loot Boost, or in Guardians of Sunfist or mid-range ranks on a character's first Artisan skill, where a character's mind is already full but an experience-gaining task is expected to continue, and one's pool would quickly fill up again.

Another use is to stop the timer during a Lumnis contest for a merchant or roleplaying event.

It is also important to know that this absorbtion does not add to a character's resource.