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Type System

Players can check their Health, Mana, Stamina, Spirit, and Societal values using the RESOURCE verb. RESOURCE is meant to be a pared down, simplistic output of those values so it can be quickly checked for those who don't necessarily have it displayed on their front end or who use a screen reader.

Additionally, professions that have weekly profession points to accumulate will also get a readout display of their weekly resource gain and their total resource gain. These professions are currently bards with lore knowledge points, clerics with devotion, monks with motes of tranquility, rangers with nature's grace, sorcerers with necrotic energy, warriors with grit, and wizards with essence.



Health: 235/235     Mana: 368/368     Stamina: 142/142     Spirit: 10/10
Lore Knowledge: 50,000/50,000 (Weekly)     200,000/200,000 (Total)


Health: 165/165     Mana: 252/252     Stamina: 89/89     Spirit: 10/10
Devotion: 972/50,000 (Weekly)     133,679/200,000 (Total)
Suffused Devotion: 0


Health: 203/220     Mana: 150/150     Stamina: 178/178     Spirit: 10/10
Motes of Tranquility: 50,000/50,000 (Weekly)     125,000/200,000 (Total)

Order of Voln

Health: 135/135     Mana: 402/402     Stamina: 111/111     Spirit: 10/10
Voln Favor: 38,027,907


Health: 133/133     Mana: 117/117     Stamina: 58/58     Spirit: 8/8
Nature's Grace: 0/50,000 (Weekly)     200,000/200,000 (Total)
Suffused Nature's Grace: 0


Health: 127/127     Mana: 340/340     Stamina: 89/89     Spirit: 10/10
Necrotic Energy: 1,520/50,000 (Weekly)     140,995/200,000 (Total)


Health: 222/222     Mana: 3/4     Stamina: 92/92     Spirit: 7/7
Grit: 31,812/50,000 (Weekly)     159,204/200,000 (Total)


Health: 100/100     Mana: 200/200     Stamina: 50/50     Spirit: 10/10
Essence: 34,127/50,000 (Weekly)     39,864/200,000 (Total)