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Lissanne CygneNoir

I was born in Wehnimer's Landing, the only child of Cynric and Marielle CygneNoir, both skilled healers. Mama was Elven, of House Loenthra, and her family never accepted her match with Papa, who was human. Their cruelty, disdain, and rejection of me at my birth resulted in Mama’s wish to move north and make our home in IceMule Trace, far from her family.

The long journey north was treacherous. We were forced to stop by terrible gales, and were set upon by arctic Titans. Both fought valiantly, but did not survive the attack. A group of travelers happened upon the carnage, finding me in my cradle-board, under my mother’s sheltering body. They took me to IceMule, where I was placed for fostering with a halfling family, Ma and Da TweeWillow. There I was nurtured and raised with the other foster-lings and their own children.

My Mama’s journal had been saved for me, and Ma read to me often. On reading of my mother’s love of learning, and her hopes and dreams for me, Ma and Da TweeWillow sent me to be educated in the Temple school in IceMule, where I became devoted to Lady Lorminstra. I studied hard, and played hard, and as I grew my vocation as a healer grew too, a gift from my parents. I began my training as an Empath in Town Central in IceMule. I love healing, and that is my chosen craft and vocation. But I also learned I have a taste for adventure and hunting, though I had much to learn!

I heard talk of the wonders of Wehnimer’s Landing, and made my way there when I was but 10 trainings. I sought out my mother’s family, who again met me with disdain at my mixed blood, and rejected my wishes for acceptance as family. I felt the loss of family yet again. Then I met and became friends with the brothers and sisters of Helden Hall. I was fascinated and drawn to the ideals of Helden Hall, “Honor, Strength and Loyalty”, the ‘Warrior Spirit’, and after many seasons became an apprentice of the Hall. Eventually I was honored to be accepted as full Member of Helden Hall. It was during this time I also was introduced to the Society of Voln, which I am sworn to even yet today, with firm loyalty and commitment.

I can honestly say, this IS my home, these ARE my family. Some of the happiest moments of my life have been spent with my friends, weapon in my hand, and I dedicate myself to helping my brothers and sisters, healing them when hurt, supporting them with my talents, as they support and help me daily.