Llaestal Anodheles

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Llaestal Anodheles was a member of the House of Anodheles. He helped spur public support for the Anodheles for his part in the defeat of the Ice Queen Issyldra.

In 4632, four years into the Witch Winter, Llaestal and companion, Rasimm Roelas, along with a band of adventurers, sought out and found Issyldra's fortress of Rimefast. They entered and attacked Issyldra, and succeeded through a combination of an artifact found in the Sea of Fire and the use of the legendary Anodheles sword, Searswathe. Issyldra's death caused the Witch Winter to subside, allowing for the reoccupation of the lands of the former Kingdom of Hendor. Furthermore, the popularity earned by Llaestal helped Lyssandra Anodheles take the Sun Throne and re-establish Anodheles rule which continued until at least 5107.