Lyssandra Anodheles

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Lyssandra Anodheles was an empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire from 4718 to 4725 M.E.

Lyssandra Anodheles came to power in a period of unrest in the Turamzzyrian Empire. At the time she claimed the throne, the empire was still in throes of a civil war. Already two claimants for the throne, Cassolus Chandrennin and Vicalle Mestyr, were murdered after failing to win on the battlefield. Two more earls, Hurrst and Feurstein, were defeated in battle by a count Greythane. It was Greythane that Lyssandra defeated to gain unrivaled control of the Sun Throne in 4717.

Despite outright military victory, three years after her ascendancy, Lyssandra earned the support of the Patriarch of the Church of Koar, Paltrach, which solidifies her claim. Lyssandra was the first of the House of Anodheles to regain the throne in over 400 years since the last Anodheles ruler. Ultimately, Lyssandra died suddenly of a stroke in 4725, childless.

Prior to her death, it was rumored she had engaged in an affair with Paltrach and had an illegitimate child. A child was born, regardless of whom was the father, which Lyssandra declared was stillborn. After her death, a cleric came forward known as Harland the Bastard, and declared himself the son of the empress and the patriarch. His claim failed to unseat the popular Rallick Anodheles. Decades later, the House of Kestrel produced a claimant to the throne, Trydall Anodheles, who claimed to be descended from Lyssandra through Harland. Trydall eventually unseated the prince in regency, Prentius Anodheles, in 4921.