Marcketel Mushroom Exporters

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Marcketel Mushroom Exporters is a food shop in Zul Logoth. It found in the Crystalline Cavern on the east side of town next to the pawnshop behind a bright green door.

[Marcketel Mushroom Exporters]
A damp, earthy smell permeates this shop and the light-giving potted mushrooms seen everywhere in town are almost lost in the profusion of other fungi. Trays of mushrooms in damp soil are racked on the walls using wire shelves. Small polished rocks have been strung on twine to form a bead curtain between the storefront and kitchen. Beside the curtain, a smooth slate counter holds a variety of mushroom-prepared foods. You also see a bright green door and a mushroom-shaped sign.


Welcome to Marcketel Mushroom Exporters! 

A sales clerk offers his catalog to browse.
A sales clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a steamed mushroom stalk           6. a mushroom and cheese drizzled breadstick
  2. a salted and fried mushroom chip   7. a fried and lightly breaded mushroom
  3. a greens and mushroom salad        8. a handful of gnollish mushrooms
  4. some rolton and mushroom stew      9. a marinated broiled mushroom cap
  5. a peppery mushroom-cheese omelet   10. some sauteed onions and mushrooms