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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +15
ST/DU 20/50
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 110%
Special Properties None
Primary Color Blue and black
Dyeable Yes

Mithglin is an alloy of mithril and vultite, an attempt to blend the two strong materials into one extremely sturdy material. The process involves high levels of heat to create this strong alloy, and it is not uncommon for the vultite's natural color to be replaced with a coal black color. The resulting metal is usually a bluish material swirled with black. It can hold a dye and is roughly equivalent in natural enchantment to glaes.

It is not known which race first forged mithglin, but the process seems to be known through all cultures. It is quite rare, as the process takes much careful work on the part of the smith, and with one small mistake, weeks of work can easily be ruined.

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