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Nagrek is the NPC cleric in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. He is located in the Kharam Dzu Temple, in the Cleric Room east and south of the main entrance. The Temple itself is located at the east end of Vaalin street on the east side of town.

Nagrek formerly charged 50k per raise, which was the same price as the Dragonsblood Porter. He has since lowered his fee.


You ask Nagrek for another chance at life.
Nagrek fishes through your pockets and removes some silver and you promise to pay the remainder to the local authorities as soon as possible.
Nagrek falls to his knees with a loud *CLANK*.
Nagrek then recites:

"Great Forger Eonak!
Reshape this dead hulk before me!
Into a new life!"

As Nagrek finishes his prayer a great shaft of grey light pierces the crystal set into the ceiling of the room and bathes you in it.
You feel the touch of the hand leave your soul.
You still feel very dazed and drained and cannot move just yet.

Behind the Scenes


You see the cleric Nagrek. Of average height for a dwarf, his face is hidden behind his long grey beard and amazingly bushy eyebrows. He is encased in plate armor streaked with rust. Small spikes cover the plates, some badly dented and blunted.


To be raised by Nagrek, you need to ask him FOR a raise, not ABOUT a raise.

>ask Nagrek about armor
Nagrek proudly says, "Ahhh! Great aint it? It's battlerager armor!"

>ask Nagrek about battlerager
Nagrek says, "Battleragers are fierce warriors. Our courage is beyond measure. We are combat masters."

Room Messaging

Nagrek chases a fly across the room, slapping his gauntlets together repeatedly with little effect. His determination gets the better of him and he falls to the floor with a screech of metal armor.

Nagrek clanks around the room in his armor.

Nagrek complains, "How boring."

Nagrek's head wobbles slightly and then falls forward. The dwarf promptly wakes up and glances about with a suspicious look in his eye.

Nagrek looks around the room with only slight interest.

Nagrek playfully punches a nearby wall.

Nagrek shifts about in his armor, the plates clanking against one another.

Nagrek stifles a yawn with an armored fist.

Nagrek wanders around the room for a few minutes, grumbling in what might be mistaken for some sort of song.

The crystal set in the ceiling pulses once with a grey light.