Kharam Dzu Temple

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The Kharam Dzu Temple is located in the Temple District of Kharam Dzu at the east end of Vaalin Street, just east of Dragonspine. Its entrance is a white marble gate inlaid with veins of golden and silver glaes.


The Temple is home to Nagrek, the NPC town cleric, who can raise you from the dead. Here, you may also find Ziigafel, the 5-year-old Lorminstra priestess who may be of help to you, if you solve a puzzle.


This temple houses a Meditation Sanctum which is the local Voln Return location, and is also one of the local Voln Seek locations.


[Temple, Hall of Gods] RNUM: 20884
Elaborate tapestries line this looming hall, depicting the gods in all their glory. Highly polished marble forms the walls and floors, and elegant hand woven rugs stretch the length of the hall. Solemn travelers shuffle past to enter the chapels of their various chosen gods, incense and offerings in hand.
Obvious exits: east, south, out


[Temple, Corridor] RNUM: 1980
An ethereal silence looms along this corridor of stone. Residents of Kharam-Dzu move solemnly about their business, as a pensive elven acolyte maintains a respectful watch. To one side, an elaborate white marble arch decked with garlands leads to the wedding chapel. A black marble arch solemnly ushers passing travelers to the altar of Lorminstra.
Obvious paths: south, west

Town Cleric

[Temple, Cleric Room] RNUM: 1981
The most noticeable feature of the room is the massive dome overhead. The tall domed ceiling apexes at a grey crystal set into the roof. Two pillars help to support the dome while a band of silver, interrupted by raised rune designs, encircles the base of the dome. A small window allows a view of the nocturnal world outside while the light from the crystal tints the room to a light shade of grey. A simple blue rug rings the perimeter of the room. You also see the cleric Nagrek.
Obvious exits: north


>look at dome
Only the walls of the room support the dome.

>look at crystal
The large crystal is a light grey in color.  Its many facets sparkle slightly when touched by even the dimmest light.

>look at rune
You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.  A strange necrotic haze radiates from the runestaff.

>look at window
Basically a hole in the wall, the window resides about four feet above the floor.

>look at rug
The rug is simple in design.  It follows the edge of the circular room, broken only at the doorway.

>look at Nagrek
You see the cleric Nagrek.  Of average height for a dwarf, his face is hidden behind his long grey beard and amazingly bushy eyebrows.  He is encased in plate armor streaked with rust.  Small spikes cover the plates, some badly dented and blunted.

>ask Nagrek about raise
Nagrek says, "Ahhh, yes, I do resurrections for a modest fee."

>ask Nagrek about resurrection
Nagrek says, "Resurrection is certainly good for the dead."

>ask Nagrek about help
Nagrek says, "Help you?  Why yes, I suppose that's what I do."

>ask Nagrek about aid
Nagrek exclaims, "Aid you?  Maybe you should ask for aid then."

>ask Nagrek about armor
Nagrek proudly says, "Ahhh!  Great aint it?  It's battlerager armor!"

>ask Nagrek about battlerager
Nagrek says, "Battleragers are fierce warriors.  Our courage is beyond measure.  We are combat masters."

>ask Nagrek for raise/resurrection/help/aid
You ask Nagrek for another chance at life.
Nagrek stares at you blankly then says, "You are not dead.  You know that don't you?"

Ambient Messaging

Nagrek chases a fly across the room, slapping his gauntlets together repeatedly with little effect.  His determination gets the better of him and he falls to the floor with a screech of metal armor.

Nagrek clanks around the room in his armor.

Nagrek complains, "How boring."

Nagrek looks around the room with only slight interest.

Nagrek playfully punches a nearby wall.

Nagrek's head wobbles slightly and then falls forward.  The dwarf promptly wakes up and glances about with a suspicious look in his eye.

Nagrek shifts about in his armor, the plates clanking against one another.

Nagrek stifles a yawn with an armored fist.

Nagrek wanders around the room for a few minutes, grumbling in what might be mistaken for some sort of song.

The crystal set in the ceiling pulses once with a grey light.

Wedding Chapel

[Temple, Wedding Chapel] RNUM: 1980
Moonlight filters in through delicate leaded glass windows to sparkle upon an immense white granite altar bedecked with bridal roses. The scent of roses lingers softly in the air, wrapping around you and bringing a pleasant smile to your face. Many a happy couple have stood and pledged their troth before this simple shrine, and a feeling of joy seems to linger in the air. You also see a white marble arch.
Obvious exits: none


>look at altar
You see nothing unusual.

>look on altar
On the granite altar you see a silver chalice.

>look at chalice
You see nothing unusual.

>look in chalice
There is nothing in there.

Lorminstra Altar

[Temple, Altar of Lorminstra] RNUM: 13057
An ethereal light shines down through several stained glass windows, illuminating a black marble altar. Simple tapestries line the stone walls, and simple wooden benches line solemnly before the altar. An old dwarven woman kneels before the altar, praying softly under her breath, while silent acolytes wander quietly about, lighting candles and incense. You also see a black marble arch.
Obvious exits: none


>look at wall
I could not find what you were referring to.

>look at woman
Kneeling in quiet prayer, the woman is oblivious to the world around her.

>look at arch
You see nothing unusual.

>look at altar
I could not find what you were referring to.

You open your soul to the lesser spirits in the room in an attempt to find a Minor Sanctuary.  Nothing stands out to you.

Utilizing your familiarity with the divine, you sense the distinct presence of Lorminstra's influence in the room.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Eonak Chapel

[Temple, Eonak's Chapel] RNUM: 1982
A brilliant golden glaes altar dominates this great chapel, shining brightly beneath several flickering torches. A low murmur of prayer and quiet conversation flows throughout the room. Dwarves of all classes file past the altar, leaving gifts and offerings to Eonak. A flowing gold silk tapestry decorates the wall behind the altar.
Obvious exits: north, east


>look at altar
You see nothing unusual.

>look on altar
(On the altar are many items.)

>look at tapestry
Absorbed and intent, Eonak bends over a gleaming glaes anvil on which rests a faintly glowing rainbow glaes falchion. Bolts of lightning leap from the falchion as he etches mystical runes deep into the weapon blade.

You open your soul to the lesser spirits in the room in an attempt to find a Minor Sanctuary.  Nothing stands out to you.

Utilizing your familiarity with the divine, you sense the distinct presence of Eonak's influence in the room.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

Meditation Sanctum

[Temple, Meditation Sanctum] RNUM: 1983
The silent simplicity of this small room brings contemplative thoughts to mind. Several small mats cover the polished wood floors and two worn oak benches sit empty along the wall. A modest rosewood altar stands at one end of the room, topped with two white candles. A gentle breeze wafts from a hallway of gleaming white marble leading to the east.
Obvious exits: west
>look at altar
You see nothing unusual.

>l on altar
(On the altar are many items.)


Map of Kharam Dzu Temple