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The Borthuum Company Store is the one-stop shop located on Ora Street in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. It houses the following shops:

Service-Oriented Goods (separate pages)

The Borthuum Company Store towers over you, a massive block of solid stone. Its windowless bulk is broken only by a wide set of mithril double-doors. Dwarves and other folk crowd through, many carrying sacks or bags. Beyond the store to the west, a heavily laden cog sits low in the water of the River Muagh.

[The Company Store, Lobby]
Lanterns burn brightly here, compensating for the lack of windows. Voices drift down the eastern hallway, as people wait their turn for the public lockers. A group of dwarves cradling exotic weapons jostles past you toward the stairs. You also see a framed glass door, a green archway, a red archway, a steel staircase, a steel door, a blue archway and a grey archway.


Located just east from the main entrance to the Borthuum Company Store are two openings that lead to the public lockers. House lockers are located in the Adventurer's Rest. Users who incur fees when visiting their locker can pay off the debt in the debt office located upstairs in the Company Store.


The pawnshop in the Borthuum Company Store is located through the blue archway.

The sale tables are located through the simple door.

Pelt & Mandible

The Pelt & Mandible is the furrier located through the red arch in the Borthuum Company Store. The tanner is located down the stairs from the furrier's main room


Downstairs from the furrier is the tannery. It is run by a leathery old woman named Prutence. She will cure pelts for use in cobbling.


The Jeweler is located through the etched glass door in the Borthuum Company Store. The first room is where Lornkrek buys gems, the room to the east is where Torkrek sells jewelry, and north of Torkrek are the resale tables.

Ashorien Brothers Movers

The Ashorien Brothers Movers is located up the staircase through the blackened door. Here owners of Premium homes can arrange to have their furniture shipped in preparation of moving.

Muagh River Realty

Muagh River Realty will sell deeds to those who wish to purchase a Premium home. It is run by a smartly dresser realtor. The realty office is located through the grey krodera door up the stairs from the main entrance.

House Clerk

The CHE House Clerk is located through the heavy steel door up the stairs from the main entrance.

Permit Office

The petulant dwarven clerk sells demon permits in the Permit Office located through the blackened iron door up the stairs from the main entrance. Sorcerers without a permit for their demon may be fined and jailed.

The price for a permit is 10000 silvers. A 30-day renewal is 7000 silvers, and the permit can be renewed for 90 days in advance.

Borthuum Deed Conveyance

The Borthuum Deed Conveyance is located through the black steel door up the stairs from the main entrance of the Company Store.

In this area, owners of Premium homes that wish to sell their home deeds can do so. The clerk gives appraisals of deeds as well.

Debt Office

The Debt Office is located up the stairs and to the west of the main entrance.

Adventurers can pay debts here.