North 'Haven Pawnery

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North 'Haven Pawnery is the only pawnshop in the town of Solhaven. It is a corner shop located on Nerite Lane near North Market, and just south of Ragnoz Bumbledown's Furrier. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise. It is run by Walsor Gryhm.

Main Room

[The North 'Haven Pawnery] RNUM: 5711
A middle-aged man wearing a bushy salt-and-pepper beard and a sour expression stands behind a modwir counter that bears the rounded edges and marring of a thousand transactions. The cracked and yellowed plaster walls, dilapidated counter and the appearance of the proprietor suggest a distinctly Dwarven influence, if not lineage. You also see the pawnbroker Walsor Gryhm and a wide-lipped copper urn banded by rings of indigo lacquer.
Obvious exits: west, out


>look at Walsor
His stomach protrudes above his trousers suggesting a lack of interest in fitness or anything beyond this shop.  Grey suspenders, draped over a stained patchwork shirt, support his dusty trousers.  He jingles silver pieces together in his hand as he paces back and forth, watching for good deals to buy.

>look at urn
You see nothing unusual.

>look in urn
The copper urn is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.

Ambient Messaging

An elven boy runs in and makes some funny faces at Walsor, then runs out.  Walsor yells out, "I know magic, I can make your face stay like that, permanently!"

Tipping his head back, Walsor closes his left eye and holds up a silver coin.  "Hmm, never knew that," he says, turning the coin back and forth.

Walsor glances at you and says, "Hope you had better luck than that halfling I met today, nerve of some people, tried to sell me a pet rock."

Walsor leans on the counter, scratching at his bushy beard.

Walsor lets out a noise sounding much like a stuck rolton.  Blushing, he grabs a cloth and cleans off giggling, "Someday I'm going to clean this place up."

Walsor mutters to himself and clinches tightly to the silver pieces in his hand.

Walsor paces back and forth, pausing briefly only to see who passes in front of his shop.

Sales Room

[The North 'Haven Pawnery] RNUM: 5712
Boxes, crates, sea chests, and bulging canvas sacks are piled throughout the pawnshop in great, teetering stacks, leaving only narrow avenues between the tables of wares. Two windows high on the plaster walls allow daylight to peek between the stacks, supplementing two small oil lanterns fixed on stout beams over the tables. You also see a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it, an armor table with some stuff on it, a weapon table with some stuff on it and an arcana table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east