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Azanoth, squired to Cryheart<br>
Azanoth, squired to Cryheart<br>
Khazaann, squired to Geijon<br>
Khazaann, squired to Geijon<br>
Falvicar, squired to Cryheart
<B>Current Squires of the Order</b><br>
Avalera, squired to Falvicar<br>
Avalera, to Falvicar   <br>
Roelaren, squired to Goldstr<br>
Drung, to Goldstr   <br>
<b>Friends of the Order</b><br>
<b>Friends of the Order</b><br>

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The First MHO. Based in Wehnimer's Landing. Commonly refered to as the OSG or Gryphons (when describing them in public or multiple members are present)


The Oath of the Order
“To Defend Our Town and The People Who Live Within It.
To Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves.
To Aid Those Who Are In Need, If Their Cause Is Just.
To Serve With Honor, By Example And By Deed. ”

History of the Order

The Order of the Silver Gryphon was founded in the winter of 5095 by a ex-Jantalar knight named Sir Maldon Wellsbourne.


The Holding for the Order of the Silver Gryphon is located in the Lysierian hills above the trails from the Old Mine Road. It was originally an abandoned holding for a Knight from Jantalar named Sir Trevar who was murdered at the location. It was reclaimed by Sir Maldon Wellsbourne and eventually rehabilitated by the members of the Order. It pre-dates MHO structures, but was absorbed into that system when it was implemented and follows similar rules presently.


Regular meetings are held on alternate Sundays at 9:00 p.m. EST., at the Order Holding.

Knights of the Order

Sir Balantine Farhorizon: Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Cryheart Thaxin: Knight-Errant of the Empire
Dame Deavon Laeren: Knight-Errant
Dame Evia Aramathia: Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Geijon Khyree: Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Goldstr Aimright: Knight-Errant of the Empire
Sir Shirkon Rockcleaver: Knight-Errant of the Empire

Sir Brinn Mithrandir: Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Sir Metadi Treyetha: Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Sir Morgiest Frostgiant: Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Sir Ruffelin Highstem: Knight-Banneret of the Empire
Dame Yviara Hjeldin: Knight-Banneret of the Empire

Sir Waldo2 Ptolomy: Knight-Errant
Sir Welan Cadwalider: Knight-Errant
Sir Kinshack Starblade: Knight-Errant
Sir Tebon Hawggweiler: Knight-Errant

Dame Wanton Destruction: Knight-Errant
Sir Yarx Teelf: Knight-Errant of the Empire

Sir Eahlstan Hjeldin: Knight-Banneret of the Empire


The core of the OSG originated from a handful members called upon by Maldon to find other like-minded individuals at the onset of his mission.

These members were expanded upon before squireship took over the path to membership.

Introduction of squire re. through the 1999 expanded roster (Only those completing squireship are listed)
Colekel, Squired to Cemb
Cryheart, Squired to Ruffelin
Dalimar, Squired to Waldo2
Deavon, Squired to Brinn
Errick, Squired to Brinn
Galadriel, Squired to Cemb
Gaq, squired to Waldo2
Geijon, Squired to Ruffelin
Glarb, Squired to Skull
Humongor Bloathead, Squired to Pyranth
Hyoko, Squired to Wanton
Jecquelynn, Squired to Cemb
Khazaan, Squired to Brinn
Kinshack, Squired to Brinn
Kiora, Squired to Kythyn
Kytaara Tsaphiri, Squired to Deavon
Morgiest, Squired to Typhus
Morzathis KnightHorse, Squired to Glarb
Pyranth, Squired to Titaniia
Ruffelin, Squired to Typhus
Seldan Wayburn, Unknown
Strathe, Squired to Typhus
Thrudh, Squired to Aonghus
Titaniia, Squired to Kythyn
Typhus, Squired to Skull
Yarx Teelf, Squired to Typhus
Zyanna, Squired to Thrudh

Early 1999
Asglyn, Squired to Deavon
Metadi, Squired to Wanton

Drallen, Squired to Ruffelin
Eahlstan, Squired to Welan
Evia, Squired to Hyoko then Ruffelin
Falicor, Squired to Kriztian
Frorin, Squired to Kytaara
Jeanius, Squired to Metadi
Haephestus, Squired to Cryheart
Kriztian, Squired to Geijon
Tilarium, Squired to Errick
Yzan, Squired to Hyoko then Evia

Guarrin, Squired to Geijon
Seesfar, Squired to Jeanius then Cemb
Shirkon, Squired to Geijon then Eahlstan
Yviara, Squired to Zyanna

Late 2002-2004
Falicor, Squired to Cemb
Goldstr, Squired to Morgiest
Pomic, Squired to Wanton, Ruffelin, and then Metadi
Shallimar, Squired to Eahlstan
Tebon, Squired to Deavon
Xanith, Squired to Yarx

Koleph, squired to Cryheart
Mourdeyan, squired to Shirkon
Murgin, squired to Eahlstan

Missing record years (incomplete)

Aydan, squire to Eahlstan
Daiven, squired to Mourdeyan
Meureii, squired to Mourdeyan
Misun, squired to Eahlstan

Balantine, squired to Shirkon
Bernadette, squired to Shirkon
Bristenn, squired to Tebon
Misun Sethlor, squired to Eahlstan
Perivan, squired to Ruffelin
Tagg, squired to Ruffelin

Current era 2014-present
Azanoth, squired to Cryheart
Khazaann, squired to Geijon
Falvicar, squired to Cryheart Avalera, squired to Falvicar
Roelaren, squired to Goldstr

Friends of the Order
Arpelli - Bard
Cosannie - Sorceror
Errick Dy
Gilwen Uilos - Cleric
Karibeth - Ranger
Knightfall Boxpopper - Rogue
Korm Khorzanamdur
Matti - Empath
Spaewife - Empath
Talenni Shadowkyn
Vurk (deceased)

Leadership & Structure

The Order has always been lead democratically, but several years later expanded and adopted a Leader with a First and a Council (comprised of 3 members and an alternate) along with castellan, herald, scribe, and master of squires to manage affairs.

Prior to the leader system meetings were chaired for the sake of keeping things on track. Sir Brinn and Dame Deavon filled as co-chairs for the first 3 years of the Orders existence.

Sir Brinn was the first formal leader of the Order although Sir Hyoko was initially elected to the post in 1998/99. Sir Cryheart and Sir Kinshack (2004) are the others to officially serve in this capacity.

Sir Cryheart led the Order from 2005 until 2015. Since that time, Sir Geijon has been the leader.

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