Qhwinn Laurentiu Faendryl

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Qhwinn Laurentiu Faendryl was the leader of a Faendryl political group called the Laurentiu faction. Its purpose was to depose the line of Patriarchs which had begun with Geniselle Anaya Faendryl, Patriarch XIII of House Faendryl. This goal was based on a grudge which stemmed from the fact that when Geniselle Anaya had taken the throne, the Laurentiu faction had had its own plans to take the throne, but they were beaten to it. It was not until eight Patriarchs later that they decided to make their move.

During the reign of Phorien Endric Faendryl, Patriarch XXI of House Faendryl, Qhwinn did immense research on some new destructive spells with which to take the throne. After completion, the faction gathered around the Basilica, and Qhwinn called out for the Phorien to hand over his position to them. When he refused, Qhwinn ordered the faction to destroy the Basilica, and it did, killing Phorien in the process. Qhwinn then called out for all the Faendryl to unify around him. The Faendryl did so gather, but for a different reason. They magically bound Qhwinn and the faction until the proper authorities could arrive.

After the replacement of the Patriarch with Nikasha Pavanti Faendryl, Patriarch XXII of House Faendryl, the deaths of Qhwinn and his faction were ordered. Qhwinn Laurentiu was beheaded publicly.