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Quivers are containers for arrows and bolts used for Ranged Weapons, typically worn either on the belt, over the thigh, or over the shoulder. Some generic quivers can hold other items as well.

Common scripted quivers:

Rare/legendary scripted quivers:

  • Compartmentalized quiver
  • Witchwood quiver
  • Duplicating quiver - Creates copies of any arrow/bolt placed in the quiver. Enchant will stack over 50 at half rate (e.g. 10x bow + 4x ammo will be a 12x equivalent).
  • Bottomless quiver - Generates +20 arrows with special properties (blessed or flaring). Enchant will stack over 50 at half rate.
  • Trueshot quiver - Creates 2 arrows per day, up to a max of 10 in the quiver. Single use, bypasses all evade/block/parry. Enchant will stack over 50 at half rate.
  • Mechanical quiver - Available as temporary (after X amount of ammo it breaks, needs a special GM merchant to repair) or permanent. Is a self fletching system: add shafts, arrow heads, paints, fletchings, and it creates arrows. Additionally, spells can be cast at it to add various elemental flares or bless the ammo.