Raw damage

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The raw damage in an attack is an unseen number that contributes to the critical ranking of an attack. It can be considered a measure of how effective the weapon is against the armor for that particular attack. As such it only utilizes the endroll or the attack and the damage factor of the weapon against the armor of the defender. The general formula for raw damage is:

  • Raw damage = (Endroll - 100) * Weapon Damage Factor

The amount of raw damage done by a weapon can be increased or decreased with weapon weighting or armor padding respectively. These enhancements will directly add or subtract some amount of phantom damage from the raw damage calculation above.


You swing a gleaming vultite battlesword at a thunder troll!
   AS: +195 vs DS: +49 with AvD: +42 + d100 roll: +4 = +192
   ... and hit for 53 points of damage!
   Strong slash to the thunder troll's right hand cuts deep.
   The thunder troll is stunned!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

The battlesword, a two-handed sword, has a damage factor of 0.500 against the troll. The end roll is +192 (192 - 100 = 92) and is multiplied by 0.500, resulting in 46. Therefore, the attack above did 46 raw damage. The additional seven damage comes from the critical.