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Use Weapons
Bonus +10
ST/DU 5/15
Rarity Very Rare
Weight Modifier 85%
Special Properties Critical weighting
Primary Color Blue-streaked black
Dyeable Yes

Razern forms in clusters of small, sharp shards, often buried under tons of surrounding rock in deep underground mines and tunnels. The shards sometimes have a small streak of blue running the length of them, shining with the flawlessly smooth and glossy surface of the razern. Smiths often boast if they can keep this very subtle blue streak when forging a weapon out of razern. Its natural enchantment is half that of vultite.

Razern is very sought-after among rogues and warriors, as when properly forged it can be folded a great many times without losing its rigidity, allowing a smith to make the keenest edges and barbs without the need for extra weighting or balancing. The end result is a weapon that can easily inflict horrible wounds.

Razern was first discovered by giantman miners very early in history, and was long a secret only known to them. It has since spread to other cultures, but it is still very rare.

Weapons made out of razern have 2 combat effective points of critical weighting.

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