Surge of Strength

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Surge of Strength
Mnemonic [surge]
Activating Verb CMAN
Type Buff
Stamina Cost 30. There is a recovery period during which the reactivation cost doubles.
Recovery 300s. -60s per rank for 2 and 3. -30s per rank for 4 and 5.
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Monks, Paladins
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 2  
5 10


Dig deep for a Burst of Strength.


Apply Enhance Strength with a power of (12 + (4 * Rank)) for 90 seconds (refreshable).

Additional Information

Surge of Strength is a commonly used Combat Maneuver due to the strength increase that it provides, increasing a character's attack strength and increasing carrying capacity, effectively reducing encumbrance and, therefore, possibly roundtime when attacking. Each bonus point will increase unencumbered carrying capacity 1% of the character's body weight with a maximum bonus of 16% at Rank 5. E.g., a character that weighs 200 lbs. with Rank 5 will have an increased carrying capacity of 32 lbs. (200 * .16). Because its effects are treated as an enhancive, it is subject to normal enhancive limits; thus additional ranks of Surge of Strength may net no further bonuses depending on a character's existing Strength enhancives (including spells such as Holy Weapon (1625)).

Surge will also show up on Wrayth's active spell window or with the SPELL ACTIVE command, and its cooldown is counted as a debuff for SPELL SORT.



H>cman surge
You focus deep within yourself, searching for untapped sources of strength. You feel significantly stronger.


You begin to lose touch with your internal sources of strength.

Cooldown ending

Your internal strength fully recovers from your most recent attempt to tap into it.

Restarting within the cooldown period

H>cman surge
You focus deep within yourself, searching for untapped sources of strength that are not yet exhausted from your still recent prior attempt.
You feel significantly stronger.