The Kobold Song

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The Kobold Song was first performed at House Aspis’s Bardfest in the year 5106. It proved quite popular with the locals.


Dremerie smiles as she reaches into her satchel pulling out a pile of papers and drops them into her purple hat. She shakes the hat a few times, then reaches in and stirs the papers thoroughly.

(Dremerie pulls out one paper covered in sand and seaweed.)

Dremerie says, "Definitely a River's Rester."

Dremerie says, "All this sand..."

(Dremerie opens the paper carefully, sand spilling from the paper to the stage.)

Dremerie recites:

And the first one to perform tonight is:

The actual Bardfest performance is located here

How to get an audience drunk...

The Problem

Twyllyte softly asks, "Okies Wulfhen what did ye want? Just the ale?"

Wulfhen kneels down.

The closed Winterberry Ale crumbles and decays away.

Wulfhen groans.

Wulfhen says, "Ale! Disappearing before my eyes."

Wulfhen says, "And not because I'm drinking it."

Wulfhen says, "Bah. Must be faulty tankards."

Twyllyte softly says, "Leave it to a kobold nae to leave drinkable ale."

A description of the invaders

You see a fairly typical mongrel kobold. It appears to be in good shape. It has a bottle of closed Winterberry Ale and a pickle-crested shield.

A mongrel kobold swings a bottle of closed Winterberry Ale at you!


The moderator of the official River's Rest town forum left a message saying that he would be unable to check the boards for some reason for 2-3 days and said words to the effect indicating he hoped he would not have many posts to read when he got back. Apparently that was seen as a challenge by those who read that forum as there were somewhere near 200 posts during the time he was unable to check. As it turned out, the day following the moderator's return there was an invasion of mongrel kobolds wielding pickle-crested shields and taunting the townfolk with closed bottles of Winterberry Ale. The Kobold Song chronicles some of the events of that invasion.