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Winterberry ale is a drink served at the Stone Eye in River's Rest.

Since the last decade of 5000 and the first of 5100, winterberry ale is the most popular drink of choice in River's Rest. The ale is sold by Byron in the Stone Eye and is the third listed item on the menu. Due to its popularity, the winterberry emerged in various incarnations from eaten whole covered with sugar to fermented into wine. Oddly, winterberries in the past were thought not found locally in the town, but were suspected as being imported from the environs in the region of Icemule Trace. However, this errant myth was dispelled in 5116 by Riuven Wysamaer, a local naturalist of River's Rest, during a presentation at the First Annual Winterberry Festival of River's Rest.

Winterberry ale has made its way into local legend and song. Invading Mongrel Kobolds once used it as their weapon of choice during an invasion and then stole the ale supply from the Stone Eye, depriving citizens of their beverage of choice until more shipments could be brought in. The Kobold Song, written by Jersea chronicles this event.

Impostor winterberry ale was confiscated from Icemule Trace in exchange for a golden pickle.