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First, you need to buy a Giant Moomph dill pickle from Moomph's Picklesmithy.

Then you take a bite and break into song!

Sweet and crunchy,
Sharp and sour,
There’s nothing quite like pickle power!

You take a huge bite of the Moomph dill pickle. The crispness of the pickle and the sharp taste of the dill combine to make this a unique pickle experience.

Even if you’re in a trance...
They make your taste buds want to dance!

You bite into the crisp Moomph dill pickle. It gives the loud *SNAP* that's distinctive of a fine Moomph pickle product!

So try a pickle here today...
Moomph’s pickles are the best they say!

You take a big bite of the pickle. The scent of dill fills your nostrils.

Ask for the genuine imported original!

Take another bite…

Moomph Pickle’s
River’s Rest, Elanthia

And another…

Moomph the pickler has a way
with V I N E G A R

You toss the last bit of Moomph dill pickle into the air and catch it in your mouth! Now, *that* was a mighty fine pickle!

And that is how you should sing The Pickle Song.