Moomph's Picklesmithy

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Moomph's Picklesmithy is a food shop in River's Rest. The shop is run by a widower. It is located adjacent to Galena's Lockworks and southeast of the town's gemshop.

[Moomph's Picklesmithy]
The spice-laden odor of pickle brine pervades the small, quiet shop. Sunlight filtering through a pair of small windows illuminates three large pickle barrels and a pair of stubby, wooden tubs. An oak-topped counter holds a few tall jars and ceramic jugs. A sign hangs on the wall above the counter. Greenery can be seen through an archway leading to the east.


Welcome to Moomph's Picklesmithy!
The picklesmith Abneezer offers his catalog to browse.
Abneezer exclaims, "{You}!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."
  1. some pickled herring         6. a sweet gherkin
  2. a pickled rolton foot        7. some hot pickled cauliflower
  3. a pickled turtle egg         8. a spicy pickled pepper
  4. a giant Moomph dill pickle   9. a midget dill pickle
  5. a garlic-dill pickle         10. a half sour pickle

  Backroom Catalog

Additional Information

Moomph's Picklesmithy is an official Moomph Pickle picklesmithy in the town of River's Rest. The shop was opened a few years after the turn of the 52nd Century with a popular Pickle Festival, which offered prizes of pickles in solid silver and gold. For more than a decade, Moomph pickles has advertised on a blackboard inside the town bank as the official picklesmith to the Turamzzyrian Empire's rulers.

Moomph's Picklesmithy is currently run by the picklesmith Abneezer.

Pickles have become a part of local lore. The Pickle Song is one example. A portrait of Tobbo and Delora Moomph hangs in the River's Rest Museum.