The Red Forest returns in rare lunar alignment (log)

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Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 9318
Date: 07/03/2016 01:26 AM CDT
Subject: Lunar Alignment and the Return of Brieson
Word has reached Wehnimer's Landing that Lord Brieson, an Adjudicator for the Hall of Mages, has begun his travels to return to Wehnimer's Landing where he was previously stationed in the Hendoran Outpost before his father fell ill, back at their home in Maelligh, in the Barony of Highmount.

It is said Brieson's father remains ill, but is being watched over by his mother and sister, Soffeia. Lord Brieson is returning to the area of Wehnimer's Landing to bear witness and record events surrounding a rare lunar alignment of both Lornon and Liabo over the peaks of the Glatoph. Reportedly, Lord Brieson will arrive in Wehnimer's on Tilamaires (Tues, 7/5) evening and recount a story of the last lunar alignment.


[Glatoph, Glacier]
This side of the mountain is covered with ice.  The ice field is almost big enough to be called a glacier, except that the conditions are all wrong for a glacier.  You suspect some sort of magic at work, and wonder at the wizard powerful enough to freeze half a mountain.  You also see a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, a giant toe, the brown Adramis disk, the Chamorr disk, the Tolan disk, the Ylandra disk, the Aeraxul disk, the Pharadus disk, the translucent Nyatherra disk, the Dagwyn disk, a sly alpine spirit that is flying around, a ridge wolverine, a sable tiger, a grizzled dusky curhound, a pure white porcupine, a surly spring spirit that is flying around, an excited spring spirit that is flying around, a forest wolf, a green-eyed calico cat, a golden brown wolfhound and a disgruntled ocean spirit that is flying around.
Also here: Xorus, Roblar, Cruxophim, Great Lord Irar, Sir Balantine, Scribe Mynon, Ylandra, Queti, Great Lord Nolofinwe, Elbromo, Pub Proprietor Nyatherra, Zarston, Lord Archales, Lord Chamorr, Kippe, Shinann, Jesyme, Tolan, Galenblackbard, Katiesa, Apprentice Thalbrecht, Aeraxul, High Lady Holoni, Sareyna, Adramis, Liabo Chair Aoife, Alasatia, Mayor Puptilian, Megnar, Great Lord Krampton, Bekke, Blade Aurach, Dagwyn, Fleethands, Goldstr, Lady Shannivar, Sirona, Rowmi, Magister Raelee, Sir Aydan, Dirra, Primayanathangi, Kabann, Lord Pharadus, Sir Cryheart, Dame Evia, Eena, Quilthais, Clunk, Taalia, Kayse, Great Lord Amerek, Maylan who is kneeling, Mohrgan, Frorin, Sbinna, Soryn, Lady Lylia, Jandria, Lord Brieson
Obvious paths: southwest

Rising higher into the sky, a shadowy orb floats up over the horizon, the cold, lifeless Lornon eclipsing stars as it passes.

Brieson gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Brieson says, "I left my tome...."

Brieson says, "....and I don't care."

Brieson smirks.

Brieson sits down.

Speaking flatly to Brieson, Raelee says, "I did not."

Brieson nods at Raelee.

Brieson says, "Excellent."

The pale white glow of Lornon shines with an intensity in the sky, bathing the world below in an eerie, ashen light.

Brieson gazes up into the sky.

You feel a strange hum of energy in the air.

Brieson slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Brieson, Deckits asks, "That's not you.. is it?"

Brieson asks, "Huh?"

Liabo and Lornon rise higher into the night, orbs of ivory and shadow, climbing as spherical bookends in the sky. 
Coils of ethereal silvery light ripple across the sky like waves of incandescent glass.  The moons Liabo and Lornon settle in the sky, their positions facing off against each other with the backdrop of the heavens behind them.

Brieson asks, "Breathtaking, is it not?"

The sky bleeds with ribbons of silver and shadow, the light and dark of the moons interweaving like passionate lovers, consuming the stars in their ethereal dance.

Motes of sanguine light seep across the sky, twisting among the banners of light swirling across the night.

Brieson gazes up into the heavens.

Brieson raises one hand, his fingers touching the air.

Brieson says, "It the sky is alive..."

A curtain of light blankets the sky, a mix of ivory, shadowy and blood, sending glowing wrinkles across the heavens.
The faint giggle of a small child echoes nearby.

The curtain of light expands across the sky, twisting beams of silvery, white and crimson.  Below the heavens, nestled in the Upper Trollfang, the air shimmers and for a brief moment, beyond a veil of churning fog, a thick forest is seen, with huge oaken sentinels rising up to claw at the sky, their great branches stained the color of blood.

Brieson says, "There it is...."

Brieson says, "The Red Forest."

Speaking to Brieson, Raelee asks, "... that was expected?"

Brieson says, "A glimpse at another time, or, another place really."

Brieson shrugs at Raelee.

Brieson says, "I did not expect us to see a glimpse, but, it is logical."

Shinann asks, "Did not expect?"

Japhrimel asks, "What is at all logical about that?"

Brieson says, "Well, given the lunar alignment..."

Brieson says, "And the magic designed with the ritual..."

Brieson says, "It's no different then, a window re-opened, for a brief moment, to allow a breeze."

The eerie howl of a wolf carries on the wind.

The lights in the sky flash, almost like constant bolts of lightning.  The Red Forest reappears.  Then vanishes.  Again, it bleeds into view.  Again, it is gone.  The howl of a wolf echoes nearby.

Brieson says, "Fascinating...."

Brieson breaks out in a sweat.

Brieson gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Brieson says, "...this is not right."

Brieson exclaims, "Get your weapons!"

Brieson exclaims, "NOW!"

[Red Forest creatures show up]

With flashes of sanguine and silver night, the Upper Trollfang is bathed in a bright, eerie glow.  The woods soon come alive, with the wailing of spirits, the howling of wolves, and the laughter of children.  

Three wolves howl in unison at the moons, their voices combined in an eerie sound.

[Brieson ends up moving group]

[Upper Trollfang, Foothills]
A lone modwir stands on this bare slope, its gnarled branches swept bare by the winds that whistle down from the mountains.  You feel dwarfed by the huge tree as you climb past it.  You also see a pure white porcupine, the Zaelen disk, a golden brown wolfhound, a roly-poly flamepoint sand kitten, the Chamorr disk, the Ylandra disk, the Tolan disk, a tiny brown mouse, an animated monstrous direwolf, the translucent Nyatherra disk, the Pharadus disk, a ridge wolverine, a grizzled dusky curhound, a surly spring spirit that is flying around, an excited spring spirit that is flying around, a green-eyed calico cat, an unruly solar spirit that is flying around, a mountain wolf, a disgruntled ocean spirit that is flying around and a sable tiger.
Also here: Xorus, Gnurlox, Liabo Chair Aoife, a stunned Zaelen who is kneeling, Stugatz, Great Lord Irar who is kneeling, Great Lord Amerek, Great Lord Nolofinwe, Alastir, Stormyrain, Taazyr, Kabann, Bekke, Ylandra, Inniro, Wolfstarr, Lady Aeavenne, Kippe, Siierra, Githros, Martieln, Lord Japhrimel, Mistress Berkana, Deckits, Drektor, Yakushi, Roblar, Sir Balantine, Scribe Mynon, Queti, Pub Proprietor Nyatherra, Zarston, Lord Archales, Lord Chamorr, Shinann, Jesyme, Tolan, Galenblackbard, Katiesa, a stunned Apprentice Thalbrecht who is kneeling, High Lady Holoni, Sareyna, Alasatia, Mayor Puptilian, Megnar who is kneeling, Great Lord Krampton, Blade Aurach, Goldstr, Lady Shannivar, Sirona, Rowmi, Magister Raelee, Sir Aydan, Dirra, Primayanathangi, a stunned Lord Pharadus who is kneeling, Sir Cryheart, Dame Evia, Quilthais, Taalia, Maylan, Mohrgan, Frorin, a stunned Sbinna who is kneeling, Soryn, Lady Lylia, Jandria, Lord Brieson
Obvious paths: up, down

Suddenly, trees along the Upper Trollfang begin to lurch forward...uprooting, rising from the ground and marching forward.

Brieson coughs.

Brieson kneels down.

Speaking quietly to Brieson, Raelee asks, "What is it?"

Brieson coughs.

Brieson says, "It's not...stopping..."

Brieson says, "The alignment was...only to last a few minutes...."

[More monsters, moves group, more monsters]

Brieson coughs.

Brieson falls over.

[Brieson vanishes without messaging; everyone ends up dying in an e-wave]

Trees stir to live, rising and marching on the gates of town.

A faint giggling, like the tinkle of bells, rings out in the distance. 

Motes of silver and gold light zip through the Upper Trollfang, flashing among the treetops.

Bands of silver and ivory light ripple across the night sky.

[Later at Raging Thrak Inn]

[Town Square, Northwest]
This corner of the square is lively and hectic even at night.  A number of representatives of the Landing's population, including several elven loggers and a party of rough-looking dwarves, loiter around the door of the Raging Thrak Inn, where the rowdy cheers of patrons and voices raised in songs of many sorts, from snatches of heroic ballads to blushingly bawdy tunes, beckon you to enter.  You also see the Zarston disk, an excited spring spirit that is flying around, a polished granite statue and a large painted sign.
Also here: Xorus, Lord Japhrimel, Queti, Zarston, Sadrae, Githros, Mohrgan, Taazyr, Draccor, Scribe Mynon, Sir Bristenn, Katiesa, Sir Aydan, Maylan, Drektor, Stormyrain, Stugatz, Shinann, Mistress Berkana, Lord Brieson

Brieson says, "Their little voices...and laughter...and..."

Brieson lies down.

Bands of silver and ivory light ripple across the night sky.

Maylan just entered the Raging Thrak Inn, dragging Brieson with her.

[Brieson is in the Trophy Room]

Speaking to Brieson, Stormyrain repeats, "Control your magic, lest it control you--again."

Brieson says, "No...."

Brieson says, "I need to hear them...."

[Brieson crawls back out]

Brieson says, "Listen...they're...."

Brieson nods.

Suddenly a great roar of energy wracks the heavens.  Ribbons of sanguine light ripple outward from the surface of Liabo and Lornon, snaking across the sky like bloody tendrils.

The night burns with a wave of fire, as globules of fire ripple across the sky.  Soon, the halos of fire snuff out, crystalizing in the sky as rings of icy blue energy.  The sky roars with a thunderclap of immense energy.

Brieson says, "Odd..."

Brieson says, "I wonder...."

Brieson says, "Is it possible...with the Confluence effecting...."

Brieson rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Brieson coughs, looking down at blood in his palm.

Brieson asks, "Could the alignment have been thrown off?"

Quickly and suddenly, the silver curtain of light in the sky shatters like glass, thousands and thousands of ashen teardrops falling from the heavens.  The thick trees of a red forest shimmer beyond a cloud of ethereal fog near the Upper Trollfang, near the Winding Trees.

Brieson sits down.

Brieson says, "I...I can't go...."

Brieson grabs the sides of his head.

A dense fall of thick fog churns within the Upper Trollfang, along the Winding Trees.

Behind the Scenes

The lunar alignment in question is Lornon and Liabo is not an eclipse, but rather them being aligned somehow ("bookends" on either side or a vertical conjunction) over the peak of Glatoph. This causes a "curtain of light" to form, seemingly between them. An eclipse would necessarily involve Lornon disappearing behind Liabo, because Lornon is more distant and smaller in the moon lore for GemStone.