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A towncrier calls out, "Newsby's Headline Workshop is starting soon at her table at the Raging Thrak Inn in the Landing. Come and learn about crafting news-worthy items!" The voice fades out, hurrying off to the next destination.

If you missed it, and you wonder how to best submit tips, suggestions, news, and events for the TownCrier to add to the newsfeed, we saved it here for you.


Newsby says, "I'm Newsby, the TownCrier's newswoman."

Newsby says, "We have some other TownCrier team members here."

Newsby says, "Miss Mayor Leafiara, who finds time in her busy schedule to keep the world updated on Landing events."

Newsby says, "Miss Leifa, who is the talent behind those clever quotes and the little posters that make them immortal."

Newsby says, "Mister Rovvi, who keeps the Boss in line, and heads up our communications with the Great Houses and other organiztions."

Newsby says, "Mister Siggurd, who is still an intern! He is supposed to bring me coffee."

Newsby exclaims, "And Miss Isophenee, who is also an intern and a new team member! She is taking care of our social news!"

Newsby exclaims, "When someone caps ... tell her about it. And she will make them a pretty little certificate for that, too!"

Newsby says, "Oh, and the Boss. Miss Luxie. She is ... the boss."

Newsby says, "This is going to be somewhat informal, please feel free to raise your hand if you have a question as we explain things."

Newsby exclaims, "Welcome one and all. We are only part of the TownCrier team and we bring news to Elanthia!"

Newsby says, "Please, everyone join me! We are going to discuss making beautiful TownCrier news items that will gather more eyeballs for your submissions."

Newsby says, "Some of tonight's things we are going to have to speak of very frankly, so if you join me, we can whisper carefully as needed. Outside of that, we are going to do our best not to have to speak too frankly too often."

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "But sometimes we may need to be OOC a moment." to your group.

The TownCrier: What We Do, How It Works

Newsby says, "Briefly, first, what we do, and how it works."

Newsby exclaims, "The TownCrier welcomes submissions from people about tips, news of our community, or in general, and about events. We work at supporting all the Great Houses and Organizations with spreading news of their events, too. Mister Rovvigen heads up our relationships with liaisons to the groups. You can speak to him about recieving messages and where and how to send information in. We'll be hearing from him in a moment!"

Newsby says, "We try to give every news item, tip, or event advertisement a 6-day run. We decided on 6 days so that when you say Monday ... there's only one Monday it can possibly be, and nobody will get confused."

Newsby says, "You can submit items 9-12 days before an event begins. I just hold it in my INCOMING stack until the right time to start it."

Newsby says, "There's not too many rules about submitting things. Keep it relevant, keep it real. If you are doing the same thing every week, those kinds of things only get 2 days in the newsfeed."

Newsby says, "We do not promote induction nights or recruiting nights for any of the organizations. On the other hand, if someone is starting a new group, there is certainly going to be a one-time exclusion for something brand new."

Newsby says, "We can get things processed and into the live news up to about 48 hours before an event. So even quick notice things are able to be accomodated."

Newsby notes, "Our daily publication deadline is 8pm Eastern, which I start broadcasting around midnight. Approximately."

Mikalmas asks, "What about events specific to only an organization's membership?"

Newsby says, "Oh, Mister Mikalmas, good question. And the answer is pretty much no."

Mikalmas nods at Newsby.

Newsby says, "The news is intended for everyone to attend."

Newsby says, "If we had more time in a day, fewer news items ... or somehow more days in a week, THEN we might consider it."

Newsby winks.

Newsby says, "So far, none of those have worked out. I will leave the miracles to you clerics, though."

Rovvigen softly says, "That was a great question."

Mikalmas says, "Completely understandable."

Newsby says, "In addition to my announcements, anything that appears in the TownCrier gets advertised on a variety of other information outlets. Everyone IS joined to me now, right? I have some ... pointedly frank pieces of information to share with you next."

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "Twitter, Discord, Our web site, In email. At the podcast, on Alexa, and for things that are not on the GS Calendar, we add them to our calendar so that a starting soon notice appears in the TownCrier's Discord channel 5-15 minutes before it starts. Discord willing, of course." to your group.

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "You can send any private message to me any time over LNet and I will respond with the public news form link for you to follow:" to your group.

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "CHEs and MHOs have their own form with a bit more control over the keywords and title. Mister Rovvi has that link for you, and it is included in the HOW TO file given to the Liaisons from each organization." to your group.

For Player Run Organizations

Newsby asks, "Mister Rovvi, do you want to address anything particularly for people here who are representing Great Houses or Organizations?"

Rovvigen softly says, "I do."

Rovvigen smiles at Newsby.

Rovvigen softly says, "For anyone submitting it can be a struggle to know when a deadline is for last minute items we sometimes forget about."

Rovvigen softly says, "Especially with multiple things going on at one time."

Rovvigen smiles.

Rovvigen softly says, "We do ask that any submission or late submissions i should say be submitted 48 hours before event is to run."

Rovvigen softly says, "Also there is a helpful tool in how to fill out this form."

(OOC) Rovvigen's player whispers to the group, "CHE and MHO officers, please contact me for instructions and the link to your very own direct submission link."

Rovvigen softly says, "That is all I have to share for now, i will share some more information as the event progresses."

Rovvigen smiles.

Rovvigen softly says, "Back to Miss Newsby for now."

Quote of The Day

Newsby asks, "Miss Leifa, What do you look for to make those funny little posters?"

Leifa says, "The Lady Isophenee and I are making really fun posters around town to promote citizens achievements, ideas, events, and bits of humor."

Newsby says, "Because hilarity happens."

Newsby winks.

Leifa says, "We have been sort of sifting these from various news sources, but we would like to encourage ALL of you...and your submit your own sights and overheards."

Leifa says, "Some of the most wonderful ideas have come from you, the people of our lands."

Leifa says, "So please submit your ideas in the same manner as Mister Rovvi has mentioned. We will try to pull the most amusing for the grandest posters."

(OOC) Leifa's player whispers to the group, "Discord Direct Messages are fine by me, too!"

(OOC) Rovvigen's player whispers to the group, "Yes discord me as well anytime."

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "Remember, you can send me a PM via lich anytime for the submission link, or just click submit news at our website: General News form:" to your group.

Speaking quietly to Newsby, Leifa says, "Twas all I had to add, thank you for letting me speak a moment."

Newsby says, "I love the humorous quotes."

When Someone Turns Level 100

Newsby asks, "Miss Isophenee, do you have anything to add about people capping and such?"

Isophenee softly says, "Nothing much, just if you hear about someone, please let us know.. Sometimes they are hard to discover."

Isophenee softly says, "If they'd just stand in town center and hollar for me.."

Isophenee grins.

Siggurd says, "And sometimes they wish to remain a little private, which is also OK."

Newsby says, "Perfect, thank you Miss Isophenee! If there are more questions about what we have just outlined, this is a good time to ask them."

Mikalmas exclaims, "I just had one, and you answered it!"

Rovvigen softly says, "Sometimes people who win raffles like to remain unspoken too."

Rovvigen softly says, "We try to respect everyone when talking about news."

Secrets to Killer News Items

Newsby says, "Now, I made a list of ways you can help your news items, we are on with the real show for the evening."

Newsby says, "Sending in news is somewhat of an artform. You can have boring headlines or punch them up."

Newsby says, "People do tend to pay more attention to them punched up."

Newsby says, "So, Be brief. But make it complete."

Newsby exclaims, "Give your event, tip, or news a fun name!"

Newsby says, "I .... might have done that the last couple days."

Rovvigen softly says, "Make it sparkly."

Newsby shifts her weight.

Rovvigen winks.

Newsby exclaims, "Add GLITTER! Man, that was not on my list!"

Newsby beams happily at Rovvigen!

Siggurd exclaims, "But make sure it relays all the needed information too!"

Newsby says, "When you compose your news, in Common only, please, make sure you use an active voice."

Newsby says, "Try to avoid jargon and initials. If it is a long name, use it once, define the initials in parenthesis, and use them again if you muse."

Newsby says, "But choose your words well. Try not to repeat the same word. Look for another word."

Newsby asks, "In general, you want our audience to read the news and want to go, right?"

Rovvigen softly says, "Of course, events take awhile to plan."

Newsby says, "Include all the information in your copy that you submit. The day of the week, the month, the date, the time."

Newsby says, "And we use Elanthian time, of course."

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "And we use EASTERN time for all things, and REAL WORLD DATES. Nobody needs to have to be logged in to figure out if Tilamaires is Tuesday or Thursday that way." to your group.

Newsby says, "Try not to make a news item so generic that people have no idea what you will do there."

Newsby says, "If you are going to play darts, say so."

Newsby says, "If you are one of the folks who have the same event every week, you know that I will include it those 2 days, but spice it up, do not make it sound like every other service night."

Newsby asks, "I mean, really, what does Service Night mean to someone who just fell off the turnip truck?"

Newsby says, "He might think you are going to convert him to some religion his momma never heard of before."

Newsby asks, "Mister Siggurd, you had some suggestions, too, right?"

Siggurd nods.

Siggurd says, "Occasionally you may have an event that's at midnight. Midnight is 12:00am , many people will forget about it and think that time is noon."

Siggurd says, "If you're set on using a midnight start, Midnight is a great term. Also using 11:55 or 12:05 is perfectly understandable."

Siggurd says, "The goal is to have everyone show up, and not wonder this way or that."

Newsby agrees with Siggurd.

Siggurd says, "Also, when giving a location. Use surrounding buildings to help folks who may not understand the numbering system."

Siggurd says, "Saying a meeting is taking place in the Raging Thrak is is much better then yelling at people saying goto 3786."

(OOC) Siggurd's player whispers to the group, "Don't assume everyone has lich. There are those just starting still learning, and those who've made the choice to not use it."

(OOC) Siggurd's player whispers to the group, "Try to be inclusive of those possibilities."

>whis ooc group a good 12-15% of Elanthia runs without LNet and Lich most of the time.

(OOC) Newsby whispers, "A good 12-15% of Elanthia runs without LNet and Lich most of the time." to your group.

Newsby asks, "Mister Rovvi, what are your tips for submissions?"

Rovvigen softly says, "As Siggurd said make the news item entertaining for interest in people showing."

(OOC) Rovvigen's player whispers to the group, "Here is a great pdf that will let you know what events are not allowed"

(OOC) Rovvigen's player whispers to the group, "I often refer to this link to help people when they ask what is allowed and not allowed."

Rovvigen softly says, "We know everyone works very hard to put on events and its kinda disappointing to get five people show up."

Rovvigen softly says, "Also I wanted to point out there are certain things that we will not advertise, this is not to be rude."

Rovvigen softly says, "I know it was mentioned earlier that we will not advertise organization's events that are members event only, but there are a few more."

Rovvigen smiles.

Newsby says, "And ... things need to be in good taste. Which should go without saying and all, but ... there, I said it."

Leafiara nods slowly.

Rovvigen softly says, "Oh one last thing."

Rovvigen softly says, "Please do not submit an event 24 hours before its about to start."

Siggurd grins.

Rovvigen softly says, "I mean we may still be able to advertise the event, but it takes effort to get that event in last minute."

Speaking to Rovvigen, Mikalmas asks, "How about 12 hours?"

Mikalmas ducks his head.

Rovvigen softly says, "That would be a NO."

Speaking to Mikalmas, Newsby says, "You have to beg the boss for that. It is not pretty."

Newsby shifts her weight.

Selema gulps.

Mikalmas gawks at Newsby.

Mikalmas flashes a wide grin.

Newsby asks, "Miss Mayor Leafi, what are your tips?"

Leafiara cheerfully says, "So, as was mentioned earlier, you want to write eye-catching headlines to stand out from the pack..."

Leafiara seriously says, "Because it's otherwise way too easy to become 'invisible' or glossed over."

Leafiara continues, "Everyone has different methods for standing out."

Leafiara professes, "But my favorites are to incorporate puns, rhymes, and my very favorite..."

Leafiara exclaims, "Alliteration!"

Leafiara hoots.

Leafiara adamantly affirms, "Awesome alliteration always attracts attentive audiences, assuredly!"

Leafiara nods.

Mikalmas says, "Oh, I love trying to do that."

Mikalmas exclaims, "Silvergate Sponsors Solace and Solitude!"

Leafiara cheerfully says, "And that's what I've got. You've probably noticed me using these tactics when I put together headlines for happenings in the Landing."

Newsby exclaims, "I think Rhymes are my favorite!"

Newsby exclaims, "Thanks Miss Mayor Leafi!"

Remember that you are not the person reading the invitation to an event, Newsby is! So you want to phrase it so that it makes sense coming from her. No first person pronouns at all. It needs to stand alone wherever it appears and make sense.

The Nifty Grannies invite you to join us at a tea party in the Bakery on Saturday night at 9pm. We'll be reading tea leaves.

Because Newsby is not a Nifty Granny, it should read more like:

The Nifty Grannies are holding a tea party at the Bakery on Saturday, July 4, at 9pm. They will be reading the tea leaves.

Of course, you should also sprinkle it with better words, too! (See above)


Newsby says, "So, make it easy to remember, make it easy to understand, get it in the right place - and it will be that much more successful in reaching Elanthians."

(Workshop break up to re-do 5 actual headlines.)

Newsby says, "Thanks to everyone here for their help and participation this evening! If you are interested in being a member of the TownCrier team, please speak to Miss Luxie about that."