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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Faction Attraction - Obsidian Tower


Dark Elves. A race held in mystery and sometimes scrutiny throughout the world of Elanthia. It is a history rife with power, struggle, and questionable decisions made for what some believe to be the greater good. Aptly named for delving into what some would consider the darker arts, many have emerged from the barren Southron Wastes and many parts of the world. While the world remains apprehensive, there has been a warming to the unique cultures and practices.

Many are familiar with the Faendryl, due to their history with the Elven Nations and the footprint established throughout the annals of history. But oft-forgotten are the Dark Elves from Sharath and Eh'lah, the Dhe'nar, whose lore remains shrouded in mystery and, as some would argue, obfuscated with rumors and urban legends. And so this Faction Attraction hopes to dispel some of the conjecture from the group occupying the dark tower near the Sentoph in Wehnimer's Landing, directly from the source. This is The Obsidian Tower.

Before the TownCrier delves into the heart of the home of the Dhe'nar here in the north, I offer a note from Talinvor and hope to clarify some of the points made.

A Note from Talinvor

Gentle reader,

It has been too long to have left you waiting for this installment of the Town Crier interview with the Obsidian Tower. I apologize that I have taken over the interview, but it was - I promise, for good reason. As such, it has taken a different format compared to the others as responses were forwarded via correspondence.

But all is not quite so simple when it comes to Dhe’nar. As it is, as elves, we have no real sense of urgency for things that are...well, not very urgent. Plus, as it was - Yardie, who approached us for an interview, was not so keen to traverse our halls, and not all those that call the Tower home, were eager for inquiries.

It did behoove me to obtain the attention and opinions of the Obsidian Tower council, however. They are the de facto leadership of this small outpost in the north. They did, in turn, answer how they saw fit. Uniquely, their responses were appropriate for their castes (Warrior, Temple, Warlock) and reflect the subtle differences in view and objectives. My own responses reflect closer to the role of Lorekeeper among the Dhe'nar (which is a part of the Warlock Caste) as my answers tend to contain more explanation

The Councilroom of the Obsidian Tower holds the seats of power among the Castes. Two to the left and two to the right of the middle throne made of deep obsidian, which represents the Highlord - the current head of the Tower itself. For now, it is held by Avaia. The rolaren throne, which represents the Warrior Caste is currently held by Tabubu, the Onyx throne, which represents the Warlock Caste is held by Archious, the Black Ora throne which represents the Temple Caste (and is currently vacant), and finally the clear Glaes throne is held by a noble caste (currently Warlock) and represents the Worker Caste effectively, but also serves as a balance of power between the remaining noble caste representatives. This chair is held by me, Talinvor. It is here that I presided over the questions submitted.

To clarify our leadership, it is considered separate from what the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia considers to be leadership. Within, we hold separate status for CHE officers, meaning there can be non-dhe’nar within our structure as officers, with the exception of the Chair (which will always be the Highlord). They are however, to whom the CHE organization defers for decision making, but they are both loyal and acquiesce to the Dhe’nar council of the Tower if major decisions regarding the structure or membership are required. This is designed to keep the integrity of the culture intact, and prevent it from losing sight of its intended purpose.


A Note from Yardie

To my fellow readers,

As a correspondent of the TownCrier and as the interviewer of the MHOs and CHEs of Elanthia, it is crucial to keep bias from swaying the thoughts and feelings of the reader. Yes, it is my task to interview, question, and offer my commentary on the unique natures of each house; however, never to the point where personal feelings might become a distraction. I hold certain convictions fast, and it would be most unfair for those convictions to influence my work negatively nor sway you, the reader, to the detriment of the Dhe'nar. Therefore, I chose not to enter the Obsidian Tower but instead hired an associate in my, ah, familiar practices to do so. This way, a fresh perspective on this unique culture graces the reader with not only the integrity of the TownCrier, but also the integrity of this group that has graciously answered this request for an interview.

I offer my sincerest thanks to Talinvor and those who partook in answering my questions for the Obsidian Tower. While the lack of in-person interaction (solely my fault) prevented a decent follow-up, my associate has done a substantial job. Otherwise, I will be down millions of silver for his work.

I also thank the reader for your understanding and patience.

I remain,


The link to the visit can be found here: Log


From Talinvor: Onto the questions! Yardie presented me with a list, and I passed the page over to each of the present members of the council for a response. Below are the queries presented:

1. For a person unfamiliar with the Obsidian Tower, can you please explain what it represents?

2. How did the Obsidian Tower come to be? Did you feel there was a need for the Dhe'nar to coalesce together and find their way?

3. Could you explain to us what is the Way? Is it limited for the Dhe'nar? How is the Way taught and enforced in the Obsidian Tower?

4. For newcomers, what are the requirements to join the Obsidian Tower? How does this apply to non-Dhenar? Can you explain to us what the q'hale is?

5. Are there any future events you will be running or previous events that we have missed this year?'

6. For anyone who wishes to join, who should they speak to?

7. Are there any prominent or famous members of the Tower throughout the lands?

8. If you have other questions you can think of or a final statement you wish to make, please share.

Final Statement from Talinvor

 After I was able to acquire the council’s answers, I hired a swift runner to deliver the responses back to Yardie to fulfill the agreement. I hope dear reader, that you find the answers enlightening and know that we consider ourselves Family to any eager to find The Way.