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Use Weapons, Armor
Bonus +18
ST/DU 10/30
Rarity Rare
Weight Modifier 90%
Primary Color Blue or White
Dyeable Yes

Named so after the Vaalor elves who first discovered and forged it, vaalorn is an Elven metal, relatively lightweight and capable of being forged into highly effective blades. Only the Vaalor elves know the secrets of dyeing the material, and the most common hues are white, blue, red and gold. It is found in crevices and caverns in remote areas of the DragonSpine, and many an elven miner has been delighted by finding the natural sparkling blue and white streaks of the veins of vaalorn ore contrasting with the deep black stone of the cavern walls. Its natural enchantment is slightly lower than vultite. It is extremely rare, and the Vaalor elves closely guard its secrets.

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