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Race Elf
Culture Vaalor
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Profession Wizard
Religion Koar
Disposition Attuned to the Element of Fire
Demeanor kind and gentle
Hobbies Sailing OSA
Likes Sailing
Spouse Enenra

Flames dance around Valarae wreathing her in a torrent of violent energy.

You see Lady Valarae the Firestormer.

She appears to be a Vaalor Elf.

She is shorter than average and has a curvy, well-rounded figure. She appears to be young and robust. She has sultry pale blue eyes and milky white skin. She has waist length, silky silver blonde hair arranged in an intricately twisted roll at the back of her head and held in place by some dark crimson diamond hairjewels. She has a delicate face, a thin nose and small pointed ears.

She is wearing a delicate platinum ferroniere dangling a nearly black lustrous maroon bloodjewel, a deep fiery red bloodjewel back pendant dangling silvery chains, a thanot-beaded choker suspending a crescent of moonglae opal, a hooded white leather capelet with rising smoke-motif burnt velvet trim, a vibrant crimson sirenflower, a red-violet nightshade nosegay, a silver-thread runestaff sling slung over her shoulder, a navy and onyx diamond-motif carryall slung over her other shoulder, an unadorned cloth-of-vaalin knapsack, an aubergine velvet bodice traced at the neckline with mink over a side-buckled ivory leather gambeson, a tri-layered angular bloodstone hand-flower, a sparkling teardrop bloodjewel band, a flame-etched electrum wedding band inlaid with bloodjewel accents, an intricate hip-belt of five braided white gold chains, a quilted black spidersilk sack with silk drawstrings, a roan suede survival kit, some jet black velvet leggings, a flame-clasped vivid carmine bloodjewel foot-flower, and some ecru lace stockings caught with pearl-beaded bands under a pair of ebon suede ankle boots lofted on spiky silver heels.


Who is Valulrath!.. wait did you say Valarae?----

The Farm is a great place to start life but Valarae’s life didn’t really start there. Leaving the farm, she was young and naive but also quite small and delicate. She wanted to see what the ocean was like to so one evening she snuck onto a man-o-war, hiding under the cargo, at first, she was afraid of getting caught, but she cut her hair, found some men’s clothing, and started working the lines, watching and observing until she started to understand how to run the ship. No one really noticed her, she looked like one of the crew acted like one of the crew. Became one of the crew. They all thought she was a man. She went by the name of Valulrath.

Valulrath traveled all the seas and fight every pirate and krolvin that the ship came across. When they went into port Valulrath would help gather supplies and meet with the trainer. One afternoon the captain of the ship requested Valulrath to visit with them in the captain’s quarters. Entering the quarters was not a place anyone wanted to go. It was rumored that if you were chosen to go there, you’d, well, you’d be the new pet. The captain had a very particular interest.

Valulrath knocked on the door and waited. “Come in” The captain calls, opening the door he stepped into the spacious room decorated with sea maps and spoils from all the battles we’ve been in. The Captain doesn’t look up from the map she’s studying and motions to the chair in front of her, “It’s come to my attention that you’ve been with us for quite some time Valulrath.” “yes, ma’am I love the sea” Valulrath expressed lightly trying to hide his nervousness. “Well, I think it’s time for you to leave us. I have created a fund for you since your first day with us and It’s time to give it to you so you can purchase your own ship and be your own captain. I can’t have two women on my ship.” Valulrath gawked at her words How did she know he was a woman! Valulrath was always so careful. The captain continues, “We will be dropping you off in the port of Wehnimer’s Landing in the hour. Please exit and visit the bank you will have a note waiting for you there under your current name. You’ve learned a lot with us. But now it’s time for you to move on. Good luck Sailor.” She dismisses Valulrath, his mouth gaping open, but there wasn’t anything else Valulrath could do so he exited the ship.

Valulrath was 69 trains by this time. He adventured to the bank and collected the bounty provided for him It was quite a sum. Well over 15mill. He used that to purchase his first ship. An adorable sloop, “The Rickety Lapis Blue Sea Dragon” Shortly after being within the town of landing he discovered the local hang outs, and was able to purchase new clothes and feel confidant to be herself again. She was no longer forced to look like a man, And she resumed her true name Valarae.

Valarae was in Town square when she met Enenra, they just happened to start talking and she invited him to come sailing with her. So, they took out the newly painted ship and adventured into the bay only to fail and sink the sloop on their first trip out. This was the start of their beautiful relationship. Valarae and Enenra have since gotten married and met so many more beautiful people and made so many friends.

Valarae now joins several teams on the ocean and the land continuing her training and learning new things, all while continuing her story.