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MSTRIKE is the verb that allows a character appropriately trained in Multi Opponent Combat to either strike more than one foe at once or a single foe more than once.

  MSTRIKE [{type}]                  - Attempt strikes on multiple creatures
  MSTRIKE [{type}] {target}         - Attempt to strike a single target multiple times
  MSTRIKE SET OPEN {num}            - Set the maximum strike attempts for multi-target MSTRIKE
  MSTRIKE SET FOCUS {num}           - Set the maximum strike attempts for focused MSTRIKE
  MSTRIKE SET RECOVERY [ON | OFF]   - Toggle ability to use MSTRIKE during the MSTRIKE recovery period
  MSTRIKE SET DEFAULT {type}        - Set default attack to use for MSTRIKE
  MSTRIKE HELP                      - Show this help text

    {type} may be one of: ATTACK, JAB, PUNCH, GRAPPLE, KICK, FIRE.  Defaults to ATTACK if not specified.

You are currently not limiting your multi-target MSTRIKE.
You are currently not limiting your single-target MSTRIKE.
You do not currently need to confirm your intent when making an MSTRIKE during the MSTRIKE recovery period.

Although the in-game help does not mention it, you may also use TARGET in lieu of a creature noun to perform a targeted MSTRIKE on your current target. Likewise unmentioned is the fact that you can MSTRIKE [your character's name]; the messaging on this will change depending on the weapon; your skill with the weapon and with MOC will likely also play a role in determining how skillfully you manage to show off your prowess with weapons.

Multi-Strike Attack

Focused Multi-strike
MoC Ranks Strikes
(at once)
30 2
55 3
90 4
135 5
190 6
Unfocused Multi-strike
MoC Ranks Targets
(at once)
5 2
15 3
35 4
60 5
100 6
155 7

A character who has 5 ranks in Multi Opponent Combat can attack two targets if unfocused, but a character needs 30 ranks before getting two strikes on a single target, using the focused version of MSTRIKE. With more training in Multi Opponent Combat, number of targets or focused strikes increases.

Note: Use of a MSTRIKE will result in the removal of Celerity whereas Song of Tonis can persist through the use of MSTRIKE

Recovery Period

A character cannot easily perform one Multi-Strike after another. After a Multi-Strike, the character enters into a recovery period where performing another Multi-Strike requires the use of stamina. After a short amount of time (less than a minute, but it depends on the type of Multi-Strike as well as probably stats and skills) the character can once again Multi-Strike without expending stamina.

Factors into the Recovery Period Duration include Weapon Weight, Base RT, Weapon Speed, MOC training, and # of creatures hit versus Maximum number of creatures hit.

Note that even though Multi-Strikes performed outside of the recovery period have no stamina cost, a character cannot use MSTRIKE with 0 Stamina or popped muscles.

A Multi-Strike in the recovery period costs 20 + (3 * Weapon Base Speed) for an open attack, and 30 + (4 * Weapon Base Speed) for a targeted attack.


The command MSTRIKE SET RECOVERY switches between two different styles for when a player types MSTRIKE. If the player chooses to require confirmation, typing MSTRIKE while in the recovery period will give a message saying the character is in his recovery period, and that the player must type MSTRIKE CONFIRM to perform a Multi-Strike and consume stamina. If the player chooses not to require confirmation, MSTRIKE will have the character Multi-Strike (and possibly use stamina), regardless of recovery status.

Note: a character trained in Two Weapon Combat swings both weapons for every strike.

Unarmed Combat

Unarmed Combat users with sufficient training in the Multi Opponent Combat skill may use MSTRIKE with the same training thresholds as melee multi-strike requirements for both unfocused (multi-target) and focused (same-target) versions. The type of attack should be specified, as in MSTRIKE GRAPPLE or MSTRIKE KICK [target].

The specified attack is not necessarily used on each individual strike. Instead, the following rules apply:

  1. If a tier-up strike is pending against the target, use that type of attack.
  2. If the character currently has decent ("tier one") positioning against the target, use JAB. If this is the first jab against this particular target during this MSTRIKE invocation, it does not count for the purposes of total allowed strikes.
  3. If the character has good ("tier two") positioning against a target, use the attack type that was specified at the start.
  4. If the character has excellent ("tier three") positioning against a target, use the attack type that was specified at the start, unless the specified attack type was JAB, in which case choose a random attack from PUNCH, GRAPPLE, and KICK instead.

The ASSESS verb lists ones unarmed position against all foes in the area, via ASSESS UNARMED.


The roundtime associated with a multi-strike increases as the number of strikes increase, reaching a maximum RT at 3 attacks. It also depends on the speed of the weapons being used to make such a strike.

Regardless of Swings used, the following are true
Minimum RT = 5 Seconds for any weapon
Maximum RT = Base Weapon Speed + 7 - AGIDEX RT Modifier
Two Swing RT is calculated differently
If Weapon Base Speed >=8: Base Speed + 5 - AGIDEX RT Modifier
If Weapon Base Speed <8: Base Speed +4 - AGIDEX RT Modifier

If a character is using two weapons, the "weapon speed" is calculated as Primary weapon speed + secondary weapon speed - 2. If the off-hand weapon is slower than the primary hand weapon, a +2 penalty is applied to the roundtime when using two weapons. If the off-hand weapon goes above the off-hand weapon weight limit (the limit depends on the character's strength), an additional +1 penalty is applied to the base speed of the two-weapon attack.

Unarmed Combat MSTRIKE Roundtime

Posted by GM Finros

The RT calculation goes through the same steps for both melee and unarmed strikes, but the "base weapon speed" for this calculation is not actually the swing speed. The RT formula given on the player wiki isn't actually the way it is implemented in the code, even though it arrives at the same result for melee weapons. In this particular case, it does look like unarmed strikes are a bit slower, even though they can be faster with more total strikes. If I ever rewrite mstrike RT handling in general, a few oddities like this will probably be smoothed out.

Note: The above calculation that Finros was referring to has subsequently been changed to equations identified by lordsmo on PC

Pending Research

The weapon weight adds directly to the recovery period. This can be reduced by 1 second per 5 Strength Bonus. Strength cannot reduce this number below zero. E.g., A Strength Bonus of 40 reduces the penalty of a standard 8 lb morning star to zero, but having 45 Strength Bonus does not further reduce the recovery period.

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