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SEND is used to send mana to other characters in the same room. The sender and receiver must have matching training in one of the three respective Mana Control skills (Elemental, Mental, Spiritual). The more combined training the pair has, the more mana that will be sent, up to a maximum of 95%. One character's over training will make up for the under training of another as sender or receiver. When sending mana, the amount taken from the sender will never exceed the max amount possible for the receiver to accept, and no mana will be lost if both parties have no common Mana Control skill abilities.

Format:  SEND {# of Mana Points} {Target Person In Room}
>send 100 Person
You face Person, close your eyes and begin chanting.  Suddenly, a small bolt of energy arcs between the two of you.  You awaken, feeling slightly drained, but satisfied that 95 points were successfully transferred to Person.
Person faces you, closes her eyes and begins chanting.  Suddenly, a small bolt of energy arcs between the two of you.  You gain 95 mana points!

Person opens her eyes, looking slightly drained.

Sorcerers also use SEND to transfer mana to minor demons that can send and receive mana.


The following formula is approximately correct for typical cases. Beyond what is specified here, there is an effective limit on combined skill that enforces the 95% cap.

Mana Received = trunc( Mana Sent × 0.95 × [Sender Skill Bonus / 100] × [Receiver Skill Bonus / 100] )

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