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The SMILE verb is a roleplaying verb that can be targeted to various characters or used in a manner similar to the ACT verb.

  • SMILE {character} - Directs the smile to a target character. Example: "SMILE CHARNA" produces: Divid smiles at Charna. Providing, of course, Charna is in the same room.
  • SMILE {text} - Produces a custom smile message, for example, "SMILE UP AT DIVID" produces: Charna smiles up at Divid.
  • SMILE ::{character} - Directs the smile to a target character. Will not default to the custom smile when target player is not in the room, avoiding the embarrassment of: Divid smiles Charna, which would be produced by the first command above when Charna is not in the same room as Divid.
>verb info smile
Verb information for verb "SMILE": Usage: SMILE {text} - Roleplaying option (default) SMILE [at] {target} - Smile at a person, creature, or scripted object SMILE ::{person} - Smile at a specific person The SMILE verb allows a player to create unique messaging for roleplaying purposes. If you are visible, the game takes whatever text follows the verb and displays it to the room. Example: "SMILE at the sun." returns this message: "Ozias smiles at the sun." If what follows the verb is "at," followed by a person, creature, or scripted object, the game will attempt to find your target in the room. If it finds the target, appropriate messaging follows; if not, the verb defaults to the roleplaying option, displaying the text exactly as you typed it. Example: "SMILE Warden" or "SMILE AT Warden" returns: "Ozias smiles at Warden." if he is in the room, but would display "Ozias smiles Warden" or "Ozias smiles at Warden" (note the missing periods) if he leaves abruptly. You can use the SMILE ::{person} option to ensure proper messaging when smiling at friends and neighbors. Please note that text entered into the SMILE verb is subject to all of the appropriate POLICY on language in GemStone IV. In addition, the text should indicate actions your character is taking, actions that your character is realistically capable of taking. Do not abuse the SMILE verb by forcing actions onto other players or by simulating the messaging of other verbs. Example: "SMILE and gives you 100000 silvers." will return: "Ozias smiles and gives you 100000 silvers."