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!style="width:30em"|SYMBOL DESCRIPTION
!style="width:30em"|SYMBOL DESCRIPTION
| a gold crown symbol set in a white marble medallion

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Weatherby symbols are Arkati symbols that are fairly zested. They can be used with Symbol Of The Proselyte.



The symbol can be altered so long as it remains a symbol-type item and it is properly aligned to the deity that it was originally made for.  It is very rare to find a merchant who can change the holy alignment of the symbol to any other Arkati than that which it was originally made for.

If you are aligned to the deity that the symbol was made for, you can try to WEAR, REMOVE, CLENCH, RUB, COVER, RAISE, and TOUCH it.

Verb Traps

Tier 1
WEAR You carefully place the chain of your <arkati> symbol around your neck, adjusting the pendant so that it hangs properly.
CLENCH You clench your <arkati> symbol and take a deep breath, calming yourself. After a moment you are filled with a sense of peace and you release your grip.
TOUCH You lightly brush your fingers over your <arkati> symbol in a reverent gesture.
RUB As you rub your <arkati> symbol it glows momentarily with a soft golden light.
COVER You clasp your <arkati> symbol gently in your hand and murmur a softly spoken prayer.
RAISE You clasp your <arkati> symbol and lift it from your chest as you raise your eyes to beseech your god for guidance.
REMOVE You carefully take off your <arkati> symbol and settle it gently in the palm of your hand.


Koar a gold crown symbol set in a white marble medallion
Gosaena a faenor-inset silver sickle symbol
Kuon a cedar-inset gold leaf symbol
Aeia a malachite-set white lily symbol