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Weight reduction is a service applied to containers which reduces the weight of items carried within the container. It is typically available at Rumor Woods.

Rumor Woods Cost

Weight reduction at Rumor Woods is purchased at Couturier's Retreat from the seamstress in increments of 1% reduction per purchase. Asking about APPRAISE with a container in hand will give you an estimate on the raikhen cost to apply 1% to that container. The cost is based on the carrying capacity of the container and its current level of weight reduction, with sharp price increases every 20%.

Cost information provided by Cigar.

Approximate raikhen cost per percent of weight reduction
Capacity (lbs) 1-20% 21-40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100%
100 850 1,701 5,102 20,403 102,004
200 1,275 2,551 7,653 30,604 153,005
1,000 4,676 9,353 28,061 112,244 561,120