Windfellow's Retreat Festival 2021

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Windfellow's Retreat


Category: GemStone IV Premium, Platinum, and Shattered
Topic: Premium Discussion
Message #: 708
Author: GS4-QUILIC
Date: 03/31/2021 12:41 PM CDT
Subject: Premium Fest 2021 - Dates & Schedule

All are invited back to the grounds formerly known as Windfellow's Retreat! Rocknoggin and his kin will be welcoming visitors back to their keep for a week of fun and frivolity! There will be merchants from all across the lands, bringing wares both familiar and new for prospective customers. Various artisans and craftspeople will be working for the masses, and Rocknoggin and the other gargoyles will be happy to welcome visitors once more!

(OOC: Please note that while the Festival itself runs through the 18th, the integrated storyline and all merchanting activities will be concluded by the end of the day on the 15th. The grounds will remain open through the 18th to allow people to shop if they like, but there will be no services or merchants during that time period.)

The grounds will open at 9pm EST on the 9th of July, and close at midnight on the 18th. Rocknoggin and the others look forward to seeing you there!

~GM Quilic
ASGM - Premium
Four Winds Isle/Mist Harbor Storyteller

Ruiner of Things


Intro by Quilic

The small gargoyle shivered, though there was no cold even in this dark section of the keep. As she did, a small rain of pebbles clattered against the cobblestone floor. The massive gargoyle loomed over her, his presence comforting, but his countenance concerned. The small gargoyle stretched her mouth into a grin that was a mere shadow of what it had once been, which was not surprising.

"All to be said, been said. Rocknoggin wish you luck," the hulking gargoyle rumbled.

The small gargoyle moved towards the open window, her movements awkward and strained. Here and there, more pebbles fell from her form to the floor below. When she reached the window, she resisted the urge to look back, but she still closed her eyes before taking flight. She fell a short distance before her wings unfurled, and her innate magic took hold, carrying her northward. The massive gargoyle watched her go, then carefully raised a talon to the nearby wall and carved a tally mark into the stone.

It was the latest in a long, long line of them.

Something is Amiss by Naamit

Rocknoggin was around Windfellow's early this morning and mentioned something about little ones crumbling to nothing. Here yesterday, gone today. Keep an eye out for them, and bring them to Rocknoggin or alert him of what you find so that he can fix them. Apparently "days" are not a linear concept to the gargoyles, so whatever is happening likely was not set in motion just yesterday.

..later that day..

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Rocknoggin ask favor."

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Littlest ones... crumbling.  Rocknoggin fix with stone of tower, but some crumble fast."

Rocknoggin deeply says, "If see little one crumbling... find Rocknoggin.  Rocknoggin help."

Speaking to Rocknoggin, Eddge asks, "Why are little ones crumbling? are older ones as well?"

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Little ones crumble.  Less magic."

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Rocknoggin new Dread Lord... have some magic.  Can share with crumbling ones."

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Little ones... Rocknoggin give large magic, and little ones fly.  Try find place no crumble."

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Little ones tell Rocknoggin when find place.  Rocknoggin not hear any yet, though."

Speaking to Rocknoggin, Eddge asks, "Do you have a soruce of magic? an item or  place?"

Speaking deeply to Eddge, Rocknoggin says, "Old Dread Lord source."

Speaking to Rocknoggin, you ask, "Where's Tephra?"

Speaking deeply to you, Rocknoggin says, "Tephra first start crumble.  Took from keep made weaker."

You quietly ask, "..where is she now?"

Speaking deeply to you, Rocknoggin says, "Tephra first fly, find new Gargoyle place."

Speaking to Rocknoggin, Eddge says, "I hope little ones find place i kinda like you and your kind."

Speaking deeply to Eddge, Rocknoggin says, "Rocknoggin hope too."

Rocknoggin deeply says, "Stones quiet room, Rocknoggin ask one more:  Find little one crumbling - Find Rocknoggin.  Rocknoggin fix, they fly."

Rocknoggin nods firmly.

The Power of Adventurers

From the top of the Keep, a small form haltingly takes flight. It dips dangerously, appearing to be clutching some form of glowing gem in its talons, then rights itself with an awkward flap of its stony wings. The small one laboriously makes it way West, passing across Charl's Teeth and out of sight.

[it carried an elemental soulstone given to Rocknoggin by Vaemyr]

Things are Worsening

A relatively small gargoyle limps in, one hand on the nearby wall. She looks around and opens her mouth to speak, but her jaw disintegrates before she can make a sound, creating a small storm of falling pebbles. In moments, the degradation has spread across her body, and she discorporates before your eyes, leaving only a pile of mismatched pebbles.

With a loud creaking noise, Rocknoggin steps clear of a nearby wall, leaving no trace of damage in his wake.

[Rocknoggin gathered up the pebbles of the gargoyle to take them away in hopes of fixing the damage. While we handed out more soulstones to assist those leaving, he talked about how he sends the crumbled ones with the ones that fly away, in hopes that they find magic enough to restore the crumbled ones. Amidst a mixture of anger and sadness he departed, again expressing the desire for us to bring young gargoyles to him so they he can infuse them with power and send them to safety.]

From high overhead, at the top of the Keep, a loud, low wail echoes through the night air. The keening noise is alien to the ear, and full of sorrow. The deep tones reverberate across all of the Harbor, and their echoes remain heavy in the air long after the sound of them has passed.

Worst Case Scenario

Yesterday two small gargoyles were found by players and Rocknoggin materialized moments after. Today so far the keep has rattled ominously a few times and three groups of people ignored little gargoyles.

A Ray of Light

Silhouetted against the morning sky, a small form comes flying in from the West, turning excited loops as it makes its way towards the top of the Keep. It disappears from view at the very apex of the Keep, appearing to twirl in midair before passing from sight.

..later that day..

From the top of the Keep, silhouetted against the evening sky, a slow procession of undersized gargoyles takes flight, each clutching a slightly glowing stone in their talons. Their flight is strained at first, but each recovers quickly, and they form a ragged line that proceeds towards the Western horizon. Several attempt to wave down, but quickly realize the precariousness of their grip on the stones they carry, so abort their efforts and focus on flight.

..insert farewell log here..

[Tephra showed up early this morning (though it wasn't super clear it was her). She reported to Rocknoggin about a new place, but she was a little excited and a little incoherent. Rocknoggin gathered enough to know this was their only chance, and Tephra seemed revitalized, so he made the command decision. The little ones flew off en masse using soulstone power. Rocknoggin is going to sap the magic of the Keep and impart it to the older ones to power their own flights, and then use whatever power is left to be the last one out the door.]

[I suspect our efforts last year to arm Tephra with feather charms, modified stone troll blood, and even a kilt, along with the power of our love and friendship, helped a great deal in keeping her safe during her task. I also think our stories, even though some ended in disaster, prepared her for this journey. She was the first to lead everyone to safety.]

All Good Things...

High overhead, silhouetted against the night sky, a procession of gargoyles takes flight, making their way Westward. The last to leave is three times the size of any of the others, and there is an audible groan from the Keep north of the Isle as he departs.

With a loud CRACK, the topmost levels of the Keep break free and begin to topple towards the sea. Within moments, dozens of other sections of the Keep beging to make their own way down, each one causing massive geysers of sea water as they crash into the ocean.

The ground beneath you violently shakes and rumbles causing you to fall down! Roundtime: 14 sec.

The promontory on which the Keep has stood begins to buckle as well, and within moments, all that is left is a spray of seawater. When the last of it rains back into the harbor, nothing of the Keep remains.


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