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Zenlia gowns were sold off the shelf at Ebon Gate 2015 at The Evening's Heiress. There are four potential unlocking possibilities, starting with off-the-shelf. Fully unlocked gowns were available though raffle and as a prize when playing GHOUL. These are sometimes referred to as WenchWear, a reference to the Ebon Gate shop, Wench Wear, where they've also been sold.


You analyze your silk columnar gown and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.
The creator has also provided the following information:
The silk columnar gown is fully alterable with the following restrictions:
  1.  Must be corseted
  2.  Must fall below the knee
  3.  Must be fitted

Verb Traps

Tier 0
TURN You reach back and idly twirl the end of the gown's laces around your finger. XXX's eyes glaze over with boredom as she begins to twirl the gown laces around her finger.
PUSH You push your hands along the skirt of the gown, ensuring the fabric hasn't risen up anywhere. XXX runs her hands down the skirt of the gown, smoothing any wrinkles.
PULL You adjust the neckline of your navy silk gown, working to create the best possible fit. XXX adjusts the neckline of her navy silk gown, a slight blush forming on her cheeks.
TOUCH You nervously fidget with the laces of the gown, making sure they are still tied. XXX gives a sigh of relief as she touches the laces running up the back of the gown and finds them still tied.
Tier 1 SIT You slide to the ground, tucking your knees under you and smoothing the hem of the gown. XXX slides to the ground, tucking her knees beneath her and smoothing the hem of her gown.
STAND You rise up on your toes, smoothing the skirt of your gown. XXX rises up onto her toes, smoothing out the skirt of her gown.
EXHALE You reach behind your back, loosening the laces of your gown. The sudden room allows you to exhale a deep breath. XXX exhales a sudden burst of air as she loosens the laces of her gown.
BREATH You take in a deep breath before reaching back to tighten the corset lacing of your gown. XXX takes a deep breathe as she reaches back and tightens the laces of the gown, accentuating her form.
Tier 2 ATTEND You fuss with your gown, looking it over to ensure there are no wrinkles or snags in the fabric. XXX fusses with her gown, checking for any blemishes in the fabric.
RUB You run your hand down your side, drawing attention to the fit of the gown. XXX runs her hand down the side of her silk columnar gown, highlighting the favorable shape of her silhouette.
WEAR You do an awkward wiggle as you struggle to pull on the fitted gown. XXX does an awkward hopping, wiggling movement as she struggles to put on the gown.
REMOVE You slowly peel away the gown, not unlike a snake shedding its skin. XXX attempts to remove her gown, peeling it away from her form.
Tier 3 KICK You frustratedly kick at the air, the taut fabric of your gown causes you to stumble awkwardly, leaving you off balance. XXX frustratedly attempts to kick at the air but the taut fabric of her gown impedes her and leaves her fighting for balance.
RAISE You raise your arms out to the side, slowly turning in a circle to show off the figure-hugging gown. XXX raises her arms out to the side and slowly spins around, showing off the flattering fit of her silk columnar gown.

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