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Storyline Cross Into Shadows
Gender male
Race elf
Affiliation(s) Shades of the Rose

Zyndur is a Nalfein elf and leader of a group of mercenaries and assassins.


You see Zyndur.
He appears to be a Nalfein Elf.
He is tall and appears to be very young.  He has sharp silvery-blue eyes and light skin.  He has long, soft deep silver hair that flows down his back like liquid moonlight.  He has a narrow face, an upturned nose and a thin lips and splotches of green light scattered across his skin.  An archaic black rune coils down the left side of his face.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing some shadowy black leather armor, a pocketed woven silver belt, some thin ebony leather bracers, a narrow black leather pack, a deeply-hooded dark leather cloak clasped with an onyx rose, a fitted soft leather jerkin, a pair of crisp black leather gloves, a polished jade ring set with a miniature onyx rose, a dark silver back sheath, some fitted black leather pants, and a pair of soft-soled black leather boots.


Zyndur first came to Wehnimer's Landing in 5112 in search of the Star of Khar'ta and offered Mayor Walkar Wellington and the townspeople a number of krolvinbane weapons and the support of his trained swordsmen. In exchange, he was to be given the Star of Khar'ta if it was recovered. In the final battle, the relic was seen to grow and explode, presumably destroyed.

In early 5113, Zyndur and his mercenaries returned when his Nalfein rogues helped locate Drangell and the Rook's hideout. In exchange, Zyndur was given a vial containing a small essence from the Star of Khar'ta that the town's archmage had acquired for testing. Once Drangell was captured and the Lich King killed, Zyndur and his rogues left town.

Zyndur returned briefly during the War of Shadows, but his obsession with the Star of Khar'ta had caused his group, the Shades of the Rose, to exile him and appoint Nysina as their new leader. Nysina then gained command of Zyndur's airship and for a time allied herself with Elithain Cross.

For a time, Zyndur wore a small green shard around his neck, rumored to be a sliver of the Star of Khar'ta. Manipulated by Grishom Stone, the monk Rowmi used dangerous mental magic and reached out to Zyndur's mind to learn more about the Star of Khar'ta. The mind intrusion left Zyndur in a catatonic state, and the green shard shattered. Many claim this action allowed the Star of Khar'ta to finally be fully reformed, which allowed Grishom Stone to track it down.

Zyndur's body was taken back to Ta'Nalfein by Nysina and the Shades, who still cared for their once leader, and sought to watch over him and seek a way for his mind to be restored.