ARMOR (verb)

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USAGE: ARMOR [option] {args} or ARMOR <skill> {target}

LEARN specialization Trade in Armor Training points for specialization training
UNLEARN {specialization} Trade specializations known to you for Armor Training points
LIST Lists potential specializations available for you to train in
LIST PROFESSION Lists specializations available to your profession
You may also specify the profession you wish to view
LIST ALL Lists all released specializations
INFO Displays your current specialization training info
HELP {specialization} Lists information about the selected specialization


Warrior's point of view:

>armor reinforcement Target
You adjust Target's full leather, reinforcing weak spots.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Target's point of view:

Warrior adjusts your full leather, reinforcing weak spots.

Message when the armor's enhancement wears off:

Your double leather shifts out of place and feels much less comfortable than before.