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Type System
System Policy
New Player

ASSIST will place a character in a line to speak with a GameHost. To place an assist, use the ASSIST REQUEST (reason) command. To cancel a request, use ASSIST CANCEL.

For emergencies, use REPORT.


Note: This menus displays with ASSIST by itself or ASSIST HELP.

Advice            Getting started in GemStone IV.
Directions        Common places in town.
Help              General information.
Bug               Reporting bugs.
Policy            GemStone IV player policy.
Policy Report     Used to report a violation of policy by another player.
Assist Request    Requesting assistance for technical problems.
Assist Reason     Refer to the reason for your assist.
Assist Cancel     Remove yourself from the assist queue.
Report            The "911" of GemStone IV, for emergencies only.


ASSIST Specific Commands


ASSIST REQUEST requires a reason in order to submit the request. Once entered, it will place the player into a queue with others to be answered by a GameHost. This will allow the GameHost to pop down to speak with the requester for additional details and to determine if the issue can be taken care of with a simple answer to a question or requires a referral to speak with a GameMaster.

When entered without a reason for the request
You need to specify a reason why you need assistance.  To do so, click request assistance and enter a reason for the request when prompted.

Please note, the more specific the reason for assist request, the easier it may be to determine what assistance may be needed.


ASSIST REASON allows an assistee the chance to double check the reason for their current request for assistance.


ASSIST CANCEL is just that. It cancels an active request for assistance.

Stand Alone Commands

The following is a list of commands that show up when you type ASSIST but are utilized by themselves, without the need for ASSIST to precede them.


ADVICE is available to players Level 1 or lower. Please see ADVICE for additional information.


DIRECTION offers directions to common in town locations. Please see DIRECTION for additional information.


HELP offers help on a variety of topics. Please see HELP for additional information.


BUG is used to report typos or bugs with areas, items, or NPCs in the game. Please see BUG for additional information.


POLICY offers access to the most up-to-date policy information for GemStone IV. Please see POLICY for more information.


REFERRAL is used to either check if a player has pending referral, or to cancel a referral. Please see REFERRAL for additional information.

Additional Information


When a GameHost cannot fully deal with the problem, he/she will put the character in the referral line to speak with a GameMaster. Sometimes referrals may need a specific GM to look at the problem, and/or may require in-depth research. Thus, referrals may not always be responded to as quickly as one might want.


There are three lines each for assists and referrals based on subscription tier. The Premium queue gets priority over the standard account queue, and both paid subscription tiers receive priority over the free queue.

If a player is actively waiting for an assist to be answered, they can use WHO to see if either a GameHost or a GameMaster is onduty. Please note, this is not a determinate of whether or not they will be answered in that time as some requests for assistance may take longer to answer than others within a set timeframe.

If a player is not responsive when their assist is answered by a GameHost, they will be asked to re-ASSIST when they are able to be responsive at the keyboard.


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