Shadows and Symbols

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Shadows and Symbols is a specialty shop in Solhaven. Once known simply as the Dark Building, the shop is located on the eastern end of of Lornon Avenue in a dark building. Only 20 candles are required to purchase for backroom access, and both backrooms have the same items.

[Shadows and Symbols, Foyer]
Lingering odors of sweet herbs and acrid resins hang in the air, commingled with thick smoke rising from misshapen candles spaced around the room. Many of them are clustered around a skeletal spiral of black wood at one corner of the room, the tiered shelves attached to it etched with disfigured faces and twisted forms. They lend a wavering, moody light to the area, their faint glow illuminating several displays covered in stacks of old, mildew-ridden books. You also see a crude wooden sign and a blackened wooden door.


  1. a gold jackal-marked prayerbook     8. a grey eye-marked prayerbook
  2. a green serpent-marked prayerbook   9. a red spider-marked prayerbook
  3. a red scimitar-marked prayerbook    10. a crimson snake-marked prayerbook
  4. a white dagger-marked prayerbook    11. a black skull-marked prayerbook
  5. a red wisp-marked prayerbook        12. a grey flame-marked prayerbook
  6. a grey tentacle-marked prayerbook   13. a dark misshapen candle
  7. a black cat-marked prayerbook     

  Backroom Catalog
  14. a crystalline blood flask            17. a pouch of bleached bone chips
  15. a steel-framed black glass pendant   18. a pouch of scarab carapaces
  16. a pouch of fetid toenail slivers


[Shadows and Symbols, Sanctum]
A high, vaulted window arcs up the northern wall, its glass clouded and punctuated by blots of accumulated grit. Moonlight streams through in pale, hazy beams, illuminating the large counter that stands underneath it, its gilded edges lustrous and the glass panes crystal clear. Numerous herbs and plants are placed haphazardly upon many shelves near the ceiling, and an intoxicating mix of pungent aromas wafts through the area. You also see a grey-haired pale woman and a simple wooden sign.
  1. a dark agate Eorgina symbol    8. a garnet Andelas symbol
  2. a swirled amber Sheru symbol   9. an alexandrite Fash'lo'nae symbol
  3. a green spinel Luukos symbol   10. a black diamond Arachne symbol
  4. a blood garnet V'tull symbol   11. an amethyst Amasalen symbol
  5. a white opal Mularos symbol    12. a chalcedony Onar symbol
  6. an almandine Ivas symbol       13. a dark misshapen candle
  7. an iolite Marlu symbol