Abalonia's Oceanic Artwork

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Abalonia's Oceanic Artwork is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in River's Rest. It is located through the maoral door just inside the River's Rest Furniture Consortium.

[Abalonia's Oceanic Artwork]
Beautiful wall hangings sway from the rafters in this small room, catching the light and casting small rainbows of color on the walls. A small stool rests in one corner, stacked with embroidery thread and tools. You also see a small maoral door and the merchant Abalonia.


      Price  Item
1.)   40000  a shimmering sea star tapestry
2.)   40000  a silver mesh abalone tapestry
3.)   40000  a gold-edged pale crab tapestry
4.)   40000  a scalloped crustacean tapestry
5.)   40000  a shimmering silk starfish tapestry
6.)   40000  a watered silk mermaid tapestry
7.)   40000  a pearl trimmed nautilus tapestry
8.)   40000  an embroidered sea thrak tapestry
9.)   40000  a fringed narwhal tapestry
10.)  40000  a watered silk anemone tapestry