Abrimel (prime)

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Abrimel and Nicolao, as drawn by MOURNE

Abrimel is a half-sylvan ranger. He makes his home in Icemule Trace, but he can often be found making trouble around Wehnimer's Landing and Solhaven.

After arriving in Wehnimer's Landing as a young boy, he grew up a child of the streets. Years of living on the shady side of a frontier town have given him a keen survival instinct and instilled a habit for stealth and observation. He is brimming with secrets, and not all of them are his own. In addition, he delights in maintaining an extensive and foppish wardrobe and has been known to change outfits multiple times a day when the whim takes him.

He is a member of House White Haven and, when not sneaking about, can often be found in the company of his dear friend Nicolao, with whom he shares his home.


You see Abrimel.
He appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
He is average height and appears to be extremely young. He has pale-lashed silver eyes and fair skin. He has short, unruly platinum blonde hair in a mop of curls barely restrained by some battered bronze-framed goggles on a thin leather headband. He has an angular face, a lightly freckled nose and slightly pointed ears. A pair of shallow dimples grace his cheeks.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a loosely-tied blue neckerchief, an intricate brass and steel pendant made up of several gears, a form-fitting brown leather vest half-buttoned with bronze gears over an open-necked white linen shirt with rolled sleeves, a leather-bound canvas pack, a pouch-lined leather belt riddled with brass eyelets, some blue pinstriped trousers secured by a series of bronze buckles, and some clockwork-buckled bronze leather brogues.


Abrimel's animal companion is a bright-eyed auburn weasel named Pip.


Bright black eyes gaze about with eager curiosity from above the weasel's short-whiskered snout. Two large, round ears crown her head and twitch at the slightest provocation, as does her tiny pink nose. Her neck and chest are creamy white in stark contrast to the soft auburn fur that covers the rest of her sinuous body. Five white dots pattern the top of one paw, resembling nothing so much as pips on a die.


Curled into a contorted ball of auburn fur, the weasel appears almost boneless in her slumber, with her wedge-shaped head turned upside-down to expose a creamy white throat. One fore-paw is tucked against her belly while the other flops across her snout with tiny pink toes extended. The tip of her tail flicks occasionally, brushing her nose, and every so often one half-raised hind-paw kicks at the air before falling back to dangle limply.