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Use Armor
Bonus +20
ST/DU ?/?
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Special Properties Reduces the d100 against warding and bolt spells
Primary Color Light Brown
Dyeable Yes

By soaking the agan beetle's carapaces in an undisclosed solution, it becomes malleable and can be woven into what is being called aganjira. The name literally means "old protection," with the "agan" most likely referencing the aforementioned agan beetle as well as the use of old alchemy tomes to aid in its creation (one must note that which tomes and what solutions is a carefully guarded secret). This material improves the wearer's chances against bolts and warding attacks and absorbs some of the attack as mana or stamina.

Aganjira can only be made from the agan beetles. Attempts to recreate using normal beetle carapaces always fail. Erithi principles, including respect of life, are a large part of the process. The agan beetle must naturally complete its lifecycle; the carapaces are gathered after they die. A visiting weaver suggested forcing a bark beetle to eat from the surita then prematurely killing it after the carapace softened in order to increase production of aganjira. This being the very antithesis of erithi nature, the weaver was firmly and quickly escorted out of Rumor Woods and banned from returning.

Thus, aganjira's production is inextricably tied to both the agan beetle and the surita tree, making it a sought after and rare material. The cloth is amenable to most dyes and is naturally light in hue with bark-brown striations.

Greater Aganjira

Treating aganjira with a specialized blend of alchemical ingredients, including a tincture of chrysanthemum blossoms, serves to improve the material and its inherent properties. Typically known simply as greater aganjira, it is sometimes colloquially known as x'aganjira. While the etymology of aganjira is quite clear, the addition of "x" is less so. There are some historical Erithi examples of similar usages with no reason or definition as to what was truncated to arrive at the x. It may be that someone long ago simply liked the way it looked. Linguists spend decades arguing over such anomalies; adding a newer term to the mix shall keep many a tavern in business as after-hours scholars drink and debate.


Mana cascades across your x'aganjira tunic, causing the fabric to shiver against your skin as it draws the scattered power into it and transforms it into mana.  [You gain 10 mana!]
  CS: +442 - TD: +471 + CvA: +7 + d90: +47 == +25

Note the D100 was changed into a D90 in the above example.

Behind the Scenes

Aganjira was released in 2021 Rumor Woods and sold at The Greater of Two Weevils

Robes only

  • Improves chances against bolts and warding attacks when wearing the armor and for the wearer to gain mana or stamina from the attack
  • Lesser aganjira: Reduces the d100 against warding and bolt spells by 1d10 for the wearer, and (2d10)% chance to gain 1d10 mana or stamina, -60 material penalty
  • Greater aganjira: Reduces the d100 against warding and bolt spells by 1d25 for the wearer, and (2d25)% chance to gain 1d25 mana or stamina, -150 material penalty
  • Prioritizes mana or stamina based upon whichever you're missing the most of (in terms of absolute number, not percent)
  • An alteration merchant can update the name of greater aganjira to x'aganjira if desired (normal alteration rules/restrictions apply, and it will be confirmed the item has the greater properties)