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Giants are very large creatures, sometimes standing more than three times as tall as the tallest giantman. They can be found in all regions of Elanthia, across a wide range of levels. Below is a list of the common giant species of Elanthia, their level, and their general location in the world.

Most giants have the ability to shake off stuns, if they are not immune altogether.

Giants of Elanthia

Creature Level Location
Skeletal Giant 33 Wehnimer's Landing
Tundra Giant 34 Icemule Trace
Fire Giant 36 Teras Isle
Arctic Titan 36 Wehnimer's Landing
Frost Giant 38 Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace
Storm Giant 39 Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace
Lesser Ice Giant 41 Icemule Trace
Greater Ice Giant 46 Icemule Trace
Stone Giant 58 Wehnimer's Landing
Illoke mystic 62 Wehnimer's Landing
Illoke shaman 67 Wehnimer's Landing
Stooped titan stormcaller 81 Stormpeak
Titan tempest tyrant 83 Stormpeak
Haggard Veiki herald 85 Stormpeak
Illoke elder 86 Wehnimer's Landing
Illoke jarl 89 Wehnimer's Landing
Grimswarm giants Various All



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