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Storyline War of Nations
Gender female
Race half-krolvin

Airn is a half-krolvin who first appeared in 5103 seeking vengeance for her dush (krolvin for sibling) against Sankir the Bloodfist.


You see Airn, the Half-Krolvin.
The cowl of Airn's voluminous eelskin cloak conceals her features.  The cloak does not hide her slim, long-fingered hands, which are tinted a pale blue.  The hands would be elegant if not for the series of fine scars which are laced across her knuckles.
She is holding a notched black-bladed broadsword in her right hand and a metal-banded tooled leather shield in her left hand.
She is wearing a crystal amulet, an old knotted cotton scarf, some fraying fingerless gloves, a wire-wrapped eelskin backsheath, some dark brigandine armor, an abalone plated belt, an oversized eelskin cloak, some shapeless brown linen trousers, and a pair of soft leather boots.


Airn was one of several half-krolvin who appeared after the Krolvin attempted to invade Teras Isle and occupied River's Rest. The goal of these half-krolvin was to find and kill Sankir, who had been responsible for torturing and gruesome experimentation on Airn's people. Airn was armed with a Krolbane weapon, a blade that resulted in a spirit death of any Krolvin it lethally wounded.

Airn was chiefly responsible for negotiating the end of the occupation in River's Rest. While in Solhaven, Airn introduced a simple dice game, which involved betting on the chances of a player rolling higher or lower than a set number between 1 and 12. Airn was last seen searching for Colgan, a dushdo (brother) of hers who had gone missing.