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Storyline War of Nations
Gender male
Race Half-Krolvin
Status likely dead (drowned or killed)

Colgan is a Half-krolvin who first appeared in 5103 seeking vengeance for his dush against Sankir the Bloodfist.

Colgan was one of several half-krolvin who appeared after the Krolvin attempted to invade Teras Isle and occupied River's Rest. The goal of these half-krolvin was to find and kill Sankir, who had been responsible for torturing and gruesome experimentation on Colgan's people. Colgan was armed with a Krolbane weapon, a blade that resulted in a spirit death of any Krolvin it lethally wounded.

Colgan with the help of a fellow dushdo, Airn, killed Khortal, a lieutenant of Sankir's, in this manner next to the watchtower in River's Rest.

Colgan first appeared on Teras and was last seen in River's Rest with the intent to sail to Solhaven to catch up with Sankir, who had temporarily halted there. Colgan never arrived at the port and it has been feared that he was either captured by Sankir or drowned in his attempt to sail the passage.

Behind the Scenes

Colgan's Appearance

You see Colgan, the Half-Krolvin.
The pale, bluish tint of his face is highlighted by his long, russet hair, which is gathered in thick braids ornamented with bright blue and red beads.  The knuckles of his elegant, long-fingered hands are laced with a network of very fine scars.  In the center of his forehead is a small tattoo of two parallel wavy lines.
He is holding a black-bladed falchion in his right hand and a metal-banded tooled leather shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a salt-stained eelskin cloak, some dark brigandine armor, a pair of soft leather boots, a wire-bound tan leather sheath, and a black eelskin belt.