Al'Khalili Coffeeshop

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Al'Khalili Coffeeshop is a food shop in River's Rest. It is located within the Khan'Kel Bazaar Premium home neighborhood.

[al'Khalili Coffeeshop]
A low, arched door grants entrance to a courtyard ringed with partitioned alcoves and tables. The lamps here are lit both day and night, and the calm, dreamy atmosphere seems to blur the edges of time and place. Here and there, tabletops are littered with braziers, coffeepots and cups, along with small glasses that offer stronger poisons. You also see a tavern door and a tavern keeper.


      Item                       Price
   1. Burberry port              50
   2. Taquynian whiskey          50
   3. Rich hazelnut coffee       50
   4. Black Taquynian coffee     50
   5. Burberry pie               35
   6. Creamy cheese              35

Tavern Keeper

The tavern keeper is a tall dark elf, dressed in a flowing black and grey striped tunic and a white turban tied with a black sash. Above his long moustache and wide mouth, his eyes are dark and evocative. They sparkle as if hinting that their owner is the keeper of some great mystery rather than the coffeehouse where he resides.

Behind the Scenes

The coffee shop is almost certainly named after the Khan el-Khalili, a large souk in the historic district in Cairo. Moreover, Khan'Kel Bazarr's name may itself be an allusion to the Khan el-Khalili.