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The Faendryl Enclave is a Meeting Hall Organization located in the environs of Wehnimer's Landing in Aillidh Brae. It is an organization formed for the following goals:

  1. Provide a refuge for Faendryl
  2. Promote Faendryl culture & history
  3. Provide training for typical Faendryl skills (OOC, provide a platform for RP-related interactions)
  4. Act as an outreach to local governments to foster improved relations

Current Events

We host recurring "Faendryl Rules of Engagement" nights on the fourth Friday of each month or as listed on the official calendar and on TownCriers channels. The games change, but regular offerings include Killer Darts and a Werewolf-style game called "Nalfein Infiltrators."

Our major calendar events include the annual Faendryl Symposium, which typically takes place in the late summer or early fall; our annual carnival masquerade ball, which usually falls in late February or early March; and multi-MHO events such as Revelia Carnivale, which may also include the Enclave.


Japhrimel Co-Founder
Lylia Sorceress Supreme
Ysharra Dame of Thorns
Eiliriel Professional Organizer
Melikor Necromancer Extraordinaire
Zolis Diplomat
Xorus Vice Chancellor


The Faendryl Enclave was founded in the month of Fashanos/February, 2010 and remains one of the more active organizations in the Wehnimer's Landing regon, both socially and politically. The Enclave was created with the intention of filling a need in the Faendryl community. Previously the only organized group of Faendryl were the Ta'Mori and generally associated with Eorgina, Evil, and/or generally undesirable to the public in general. To provide an alternative and to combat an overall negative view of the culture by others, the group was founded by Japhrimel and Queleri, soon joined by others, some to stay and some to leave us.


The Faendryl Enclave has a monthly meeting set on the first Monday of each month at 9:30pm Eastern. Meetings are held at our structure, The Alabaster Spire (;go2 23520). Meetings are open to the public, particularly interested Faendryl and Half-Faendryl, unless otherwise specified.

The Alabaster Spire

The Alabaster Spire is the seat of the Faendryl Enclave. It is located outside of Wehnimer's Landing at Aillidh Brae, Vale, to ensure privacy and safety. The Spire's courtyard, garden, and ground floor are open to the public. Upstairs levels are typically reserved for members, although during the annual Symposium, much of the grounds are open to visitors. This is so that any Faendryl may come make use of the grounds if they so desire. Members and other Faendryl are welcome and encouraged to use the grounds as much as they wish to. If anyone would like to organize an event or have something occur on the grounds, please let an Officer know if you require any assistance in doing so, such as a food cart or drinks.


Enclave membership is open to Faendryl and Half-Faendryl, though there is a single token Halfling member (No one expected a non-Faendryl to actually try to join, so there weren't set rules against it). To join the Enclave, those interested should attempt to attend meetings and/or events when possible. Please inform any Officers you meet that you would like to join. In order to join you must get the approval of at least two Officers, usually in the form of a semi-formal interview. The best way to know if you would like to be a member is to get to know our members, so we welcome you to attend events and learn more about who we are.

To see a list of our active members, expand this section.

  • Aetammel
  • Alanisse
  • Asylum
  • Aymar
  • Azryen
  • Berkana
  • Calvix
  • Cheska
  • Corsine
  • Deciette
  • Drakkler
  • Drakkonn
  • Dsaine
  • Durakar
  • Edanthiel
  • Eiliriel
  • Emperia
  • Erynien
  • Evastrok
  • Eyona
  • Faylith
  • Gannorlac
  • Gavrien
  • Japhrimel
  • Kaeldorien
  • Kaldonis
  • Ketsimney
  • Kioya
  • Kunley
  • Laelithonel
  • Lafali
  • Liskey
  • Logeerkamer
  • Loirya
  • Lylia
  • Malicir
  • Malikaen
  • Malkave
  • Malosa
  • Marijka
  • Melikor
  • Missoni
  • Mourne
  • Murharzarm
  • Nacari
  • Nakaira
  • Natorianya
  • Nazarr
  • Noira
  • Ondreian
  • Picler
  • Queleri
  • Raethir
  • Ravinder
  • Sezo
  • Shilaohra
  • Silvius
  • Simulacra
  • Sionyl
  • Sparegris
  • Svatahor
  • Taelarn
  • Thrassus
  • Tolida
  • Toxyrox
  • Vaeldrys
  • Vailwyn
  • Varethnar
  • Veni
  • Xanthium
  • Xinza
  • Xorus
  • Xylador
  • Yardie
  • Ysharra
  • Zaigh
  • Zolis


The Enclave exists, in part, to provide assistance to Faendryl in need. One way we seek to do this is to help younger/newer Faendryl with equipment. If you are or know of a Faendryl or Half-Faendryl in need of decent 4x gear, please let an Officer know.


We have had numerous events over the years. Some events are annual or have repeated, some have not. Event descriptions and logs, as available, will be added to this section.