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Wehnimer's Lich's Landing map by Nihrvanah

Lich's Landing is a macabre recreation of Wehnimer's Landing that is populated with undead. It is, fittingly, located under Wehnimer's Landing, many miles below the surface. Currently it is in limbo, partially phased between time and planes.

Aside from charming street names and locales such as Shade Square, Wraith Way, Revenant Row, Corpse Row, Banshee Tower, and the Citadel, among many others, Lich's Landing is home to several quaint shops manned by the undead, such as Quarrels and Quivers, The Spirits, Shield of the Shrickhen, Dress the Dead, and The Darkness With Inn.

Hidden within the Citadel is a Chamber of Decay (aka Decay Chamber), which is a magical chamber intrinsically linked to an adjoining long Spirit Chamber passageway. The Chamber of Decay contains an obsidian energy-wielding obelisk and obsidian walls embedded with white runes of power. The chamber that exists in Lich's Landing was responsible for Barnom Slim's transformation into a lich.

The original method of accessing Lich's Landing from Burrow Way does not currently exist.

Lich's Landing has been open as a temporary hunting grounds on several occasions. [Note: it is not currently accessible to players.]

Creation: All the Lich King's Men

Events here spanning Eorgaen of 5112 through Charlatos 5113 (December 2012 - March 2013)

Barnom Slim was responsible for the creation of Lich's Landing. During the period of time that Barnom was in hiding after defenders of Wehnimer's Landing had defeated him and his outlaws, Barnom mastered his newly gained Luukosian powers. He went so far as to give up mortality and become a lich, which he ultimately accomplished via a Chamber of Decay (later found within the heart of Lich's Landing). Once Barnom's transformation was complete, he built himself undead minions and bound them to him. Additionally, he constructed Lich's Landing miles under Wehnimer's Landing, populated it with undead who are tasked to live and work in the town in a creepily mundane fashion, and self-fashioned himself as "The Lich King" to rule over it.

Of note, the undead of Lich's Landing were living peaceably and did not attack adventurers -- until the adventurers of Wehnimer's Landing drew first blood and attacked them.

One fateful night, the adventurers of Wehnimer's Landing split up into groups to fight the undead that were rising up in the streets of town, while others sought to find and destroy Barnom's phylactery, with the intent of killing Barnom himself. When Barnom's phylactery was found, it was destroyed, shattering into innumerable tiny white gem shards (note: a keepsake). Barnom himself was slain in the Chamber of Decay, the deathblow coming from Sir Bristenn Mires, and Barnom's body was transported away by shadows, appearing in Town Square Central of Wehnimer's Landing. Adventurers still in the Chamber of Decay bashed the obelisk that powered the chamber until it exploded into thousands of pieces of shards of black obsidian (note: another keepsake item), rendering the Chamber of Decay inert. Because Barnom's phylactery was no more, this meant death for Barnom could become permanent; and within short order, with multiple witnesses looking on in Town Square Central, and Barnom's body was ripped apart by the shadows while Althedeus' voice laughed. (Ut oh, no more Barnom!) It is worth noting that prior to his demise, Barnom had claimed he was poised to help fend off Althedeus, though it's unclear how he meant to do this.

With the final death of Barnom, rolling earthquakes led to cave-ins that buried parts of Lich's Landing and the thoroughfare between Lich's Landing and Wehnimer's Landing. For all intensive purposes, Lich's Landing was inaccessible to the common adventurer after this.

tiny white gem shard
s>rub my gem
You rub your white gem shard and hear a dim forlorn wailing in the distance.

shard of black obsidian
s>rub my gem
You rub the obsidian shard and a faint viridian sheen appears briefly along its surface.
3rd person pov: Goblyn rubs her shard of obsidian and a viridian sheen briefly glows along its surface.

Appearance in The Roots of All Evil

Events here spanning Ivastaen of 5115 through Koaratos 5115 (May 2015 - July 2015)

The black blood trees, tools of Althedeus that persisted in Elanthia after his unraveling, spread and were growing out of control, their glistening black roots system clogging up Wehnimer's Landing. Through visions/loresinging, it was discovered that roots were overrunning Lich's Landing, where they were feeding from cocooned corpses (town residents that they had kidnapped).

Pylasar used a pylon to blow a hole into the ground that lead down to Lich's Landing, and adventurers soon found that the nest and heart of the maw was located across a hidden bridge in Banshee Tower. During this foray into Lich's Landing, Corpse Row and Banshee Tower were all that were accessible, with the remainder of Lich's Landing still covered in rubble. Adventurers were asked to help cull the creatures in Lich's Landing, which ranged from undead along Corpse Row to specters and roots in the tower to dark tree spirits and roots near the maw.

With the assistance of Pylasar and Harrower Ersix, the maw was soon moved through a series of planar shifts and eventually to the Deadfall. The Deadfall was then sealed away by the druid elves of the Wyrdeep. As a result of the stripping away of the maw, the cavern roof above Lich's Landing collapsed further, and adventurers had to dig their way out of the destruction to arrive back nearer to the surface. The way back to Lich's Landing, however, was barred.

Appearance via Goblyn's Good Deed

Events here spanning Lumnea of 5117 through Phoenatos 5117 (June 2017 - August 2017)

In early Lumnea, Goblyn began to take blood from the corpses of volunteers to, ostensibly, feed a branch of the Locksmehr River running through the northwest-spanning leg of the catacombs of Wehnimer's Landing. She continued to regularly infuse the river in this manner over the coming weeks. In late Koaratos, during a final frenzied bout of voluntary life-taking and blood-letting by multiple parties, she enacted a change in the river's makeup, turning the water to an inky black color and forcing it to flow upstream. The upstream route allowed (and still allows, when the river flows in that direction) persistent individuals a means to make their way down into the cavern that houses Lich's Landing and several of Goblyn's "projects."

Strangely, Lich's Landing was free of signs of the earlier cave-ins and the alterations to Banshee Tower, as well as any sign of the previous thoroughfares to the surface. Additionally, the entrance to the Spirit Chamber had moved from the Citadel's Soul Pit to a location closer to the Throne Room. Goblyn has not commented on these oddities save for to state that the residents deserve a safe, clean town. Thus, it is not entirely clear how this was achieved, though the two most logical conclusions are that she either had outside assistance in clearing away the debris and reconstituting much of the original architecture, or she simply phased parts of the town in from a past, future, or parallel version, melding it with the present to achieve its current cleaned-up but slightly modified state.

In response to the outcry at opening a pathway down into the deep underground, Goblyn explained that there was something terribly wrong with Lich's Landing, and that she needed to fix what was broken in order to make Lich's Landing better. She asked for assistance in collecting the tiny white gem shards and shards of black obsidian that many of the undead residents of Lich's Landing were carrying with them, and later for individuals to volunteer their spirit/life energy during the repair process. Despite her lack of specificity on what exactly needed repairing, both calls for volunteers were filled.

On the evening of repairs, Goblyn directed everyone to seek out some wreckage in the Citadel -- Hapenlok came across it first. Digging through an old cave-in commenced, leading into the Spirit Chamber, and eventually to the Chamber of Decay, which, unlike the rest of Lich's Landing, were shattered and in shambles. When sufficient warm bodies were gathered, Goblyn coaxed the chamber into repairing itself, which it handily did by consuming and utilizing the spiritual and necrotic energy in the area, at times ripping it bodily from bystanders and killing a handful of them. The white gem shards (Barnom Slim's phylactery pieces) were used to fuel the dull white runes back to life, while the shards of obsidian were used to re-form the obelisk. Soon, the chamber was visibly repaired. [Note: several parties helped prepare the shards of obsidian in the Chamber of Decay just prior to the arrival of the cavalcade. However, unless those parties shared that with your character, please consider this note strictly OOC knowledge.]

With the seeming completion of her stated goal, Goblyn forcibly removed all living beings from the chambers and town, then phased Lich's Landing into an "in between" time and space status, no longer fully in this reality -- while still visible, the town and its residents aren't quite in the present, nor are they quite in the underground cavern. Goblyn, if asked, will note that she is currently researching the chambers and keeping Lich's Landing's residents safe from harm.

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